Video Poker Action at Canada’s Best Online Casino

We take a lot of pride in our reputation as the best online casino in Canada, for every type of game- from slots to live dealer and everything in between. You can develop your betting tactics for online Roulette, polish your Blackjack strategy, spin the reels of your favourite slots games and do so much more with us. This includes, of course, playing world-class Video Poker.

Like all of our online casino games, these ones are powered by Microgaming. This means they are of better quality and more diverse than you could imagine, whether you play them at our online or mobile casino. Enjoy them in their own right, or use them to start getting familiar with the intense action of classic Poker card games.

While not quite as chance-based as something like Baccarat, Video Poker does still draw on strategy but in a limited way only. Having said that, the standard Poker hand rankings are applied and there is opportunity to make a difference to the hand you are dealt.

Combining some of the mental demands of Poker with slots-like immediacy creates intoxicating entertainments, and at Ruby Fortune there are even progressive jackpots attached to some of these casino games for even more thrills.

Real-Money Rewards for Video Poker

Whether you want to play for real money or for no deposit, you can do so at our casino online. Choose the free option when you are getting used to the games, or if you want to extend your game time after you’ve used up your gambling budget for the day.

When you’re ready to play with actual cash, of course, your potential payouts will make the effort well worth it. You can use your casino bonus offers to boost your bankroll and win even more, and bank it all safely using any of our SSL-encrypted transaction options. However you want to play, you’re sure to find plenty of games to catch your eye!

Video Poker: What You Need to Know

These are some of the simplest games at our online casino, but some of the most irresistible too. You’ll learn how to play within a matter of moments but it could be hours before you are able to tear yourself away! Five-card Stud Poker rules are blended with the pace of a slots machine for a brand-new type of gambling fun.

Like many popular casino games, several versions of Video Poker have developed over the years. We offer many different types at Ruby Fortune, and roll out new game releases whenever they are created by Microgaming. Whichever one you choose to play, you’ll start by placing a wager of up to 5 coins.

Your objective is always to build the best hand that you can, according to standard hand rankings, and after you’ve placed your bet 5 cards will appear in front of you at the same time. You can’t do anything about the cards you get given, but you can decide which to keep and which to exchange.

You can exchange as many as all 5 cards or as few as none at all, but you have to do it all in a single move. This is another way that the game is simpler than Poker table games; you have just one opportunity to make tactical decisions. You’re paid out according to your final hand and how much you bet. Details can be checked in the pay table for every game.

Nothing but the Best at Ruby Fortune

Our library of Video Poker titles proves once again that we are the greatest online casino Canada has seen yet, which is exactly how we intend to stay. With clean and modern designs, flawlessly functional action and high-definition graphics, these casino games will impress you at every level and are a testament to the excellence of Microgaming’s software.

Having been established all the way back in 1994, this developer brings years of experience together with cutting-edge innovation. The result is immersive entertainment with certified Random Number Generation ensuring fairness, it’s all waiting for you when you sign up!