The Thrills of Online Roulette Gambling

Roulette is known as the king of casino games, and at Ruby Fortune Casino, we give you the royal treatment you deserve. We have a plethora of the best variations of online roulette for you to enjoy.

Roulette originated in France and has been a favourite game of bettors for over three centuries. After France, it spread to England and North America, picking up variations along the way – which is why you’ll see French, European and American roulette tables at Ruby Fortune Casino.

At Ruby Fortune, we understand that sometimes, you just want to play without worrying about your bank balance. This is why we give you the opportunity to play without betting with real money. When you’re ready to place the actual bets, our wide range of wager options give you the freedom to choose the amount you want to stake. You can bet with peace of mind - our diverse range of encrypted banking options, and the knowledge that we’re licensed, ensures total safety of your personal and banking information. We also use encryption to keep sensitive information secure.

Getting on the Ball With Online Roulette

Just like many other games at Ruby Fortune Casino, such as Blackjack and Baccarat, you can pick between a traditional online roulette table and the live casino version. In traditional online roulette, a certified, independent Random Number Generator handles the wheel, so you can be sure the number is generated quite arbitrarily.

Would you rather have a social time? Make your way to a live table, where you can chat with the dealer as well as other players in between making bets. A live dealer spins the wheel and you can watch the action unfold. Whichever style of play or roulette variation you choose, the rules are intuitive and easy to pick up, so go ahead and take a spin!

The word ‘roulette’ means ‘little wheel’ in French, and when you look at a roulette table, it’s obvious where the game gets its name. The titular wheel has 36 panels, numbered 1 to 36. The panels are alternated with red and black colours, and in European roulette, there’s a 37th green panel with the number 0. The American version has an additional green panel with the number 00. While both games are played the same way, the odds of a winning spin are higher in European roulette.

Wondering how to get started at the roulette wheel? All you need to do is pick which panel you think the ball will be in when the wheel stops spinning and then wait for the dealer to spin. It’s the same kind of fast-paced thrill you get from slots or video poker, with the added sophistication of the roulette table.

Getting Started With Online Roulette

Playing roulette online in Canada – or its live counterpart – at Ruby Fortune couldn’t be simpler. Simply pick one of the many tables on offer – all powered by Microgaming’s cutting-edge technology, so you’re assured of a seamless experience and state-of-the-art graphics no matter which one you choose – and place your bet. All you have to do is select the chips you want and drag them to the appropriate location on the roulette table. Then hit Play, stand back, and wait for the wheel to stop spinning.

Wondering what kind of bet to place? You’ll be spoiled for choice with the sheer variety we offer. We recommend that beginners start with Outside Bets (bets on a certain kind of number), then move on to Inside Bets (betting on specific numbers). Don’t worry; Roulette isn’t complicated like Blackjack, so you needn’t worry as much about strategy. If you’re worried, you could always take advantage of Ruby Fortune’s free play offers to build up a little confidence and to gain some experience before laying any actual chips down.

French, European, American, oh my!

It’s no surprise that a game as old and popular as roulette has many variations… and even less of one that you’ll find all of them at Ruby Fortune! Each variation has its unique advantages and challenges, and each is loved for different reasons. Whether it’s French, American or European-style roulette you want to play with, you can find it at Ruby Fortune. In fact, we advise you to try them all to find which roulette table is ideal for you.

Play However and Whenever Suits You

Ruby Fortune is the best online casino for every new game and classic favourites, from Video Poker to Slots with progressive jackpots in all of Canada. As well as being able to play for free or real money, you can choose to enjoy the action on any mobile or desktop device, and can you can play in your browser. We’re here to accommodate the needs of every player, and get you spinning and winning as fast as possible.

Online Roulette Whenever and Wherever You Want

Whether you fancy classic casino games like slots, would rather spend your time playing video poker or baccarat or are just here for the progressive jackpots, Ruby Fortune is the casino for you. Not only can you choose from over 500 games of all kinds, but you can also play on desktop, smartphone or tablet (whether iOS, Android or Windows) or via browser. No matter the type of player you are, you’ll find a game that works for you at Ruby Fortune, the best online casino in Canada.

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