The Refined Elegance of Our Baccarat

Like many other table games, Baccarat has a very long history and comes to us from Italy where it is known as Baccara. Among the simplest of all casino games, there is nothing like the complexities of Blackjack strategy to be seen here.

There are, however, some betting strategies that can be put into place similarly to what can be done in online Roulette, with a game that is subliminally decadent as a result. If you’re ready to learn more and understand exactly why this is the favourite casino pastime of James Bond himself, read on!

Basic Gameplay: Baccarat for Beginners

Whether you’re playing in a land-based or online casino, the objective in this game is always to correctly predict which one of 2 hands will have a higher total and win the round, or whether they will tie. Unlike all other card-based games, you can’t make any moves to affect the hands.

Your power comes in the bets you place, and the tantalisingly simple game becomes as irresistible as a jewel is to a magpie as you keep playing. You can bet on the Player or Banker hand, as they are known, winning, or on the hands tying with equal totals.

To start with you need to place your wager, and each hand is then dealt 2 cards. The word Baccara actually means “zero” in Italian, and is used because of the power that 0 has in determining the hand totals. Face cards and 10s count as 0, while aces are worth 1 and other number cards carry their stated value.

In addition, the totals are determined by adding the cards together and dropping the 10-value placeholder so that it is worth 0. In other words, a hand with a 7 and an 8 card is worth 5, and not 15. This means that the highest-possible hand in these online casino games is 9, which is known as a Natural and wins automatically.

Determining the Final Hands and Wins

If there is no Natural, specific rules dictate when either hand gets a third card. You don’t need to worry about that when you play at our casino online though; we’ll remember it all for you. At the end of the round the hands are compared and if you successfully backed the winner you are paid out 1:1, less 5% in the case of the Banker.

The truly scintillating moment in the game comes if you’ve bet on the hands tying. You’ll get an incredible 8:1 return, which can be boosted even higher if you make use of Ruby Fortune’s fabulous casino bonus offers. Be aware that the risk is as high as the reward though; with a house edge of more than 14% these wagers are not for the faint of heart!

Baccarat | Live Casino

Welcome to the world of Baccarat at Ruby Fortune Online and Mobile Casino Canada. Playable on all compatible desktop, tablet and smartphone devices, our Live Baccarat variants include everything from the standard Live game to Salon Privé, No Commission, Control Squeeze, Speed, Squeeze, and Venezia – thus giving our players the most authentic and exciting table game experience from the comfort and privacy of their homes or while they’re on the move.

With cards dealt face down and a total of 8 decks used, Baccarat provides efficient and personable dealers that introduce players to the game’s possible wins and bets. What’s more, other players can join the table virtually, adding to the excitement and immediacy of the game. Scoreboards are also provided and include interactive roads, plus there are live betting stats as well as configurable and default side bets to consider.

Live streamed in high definition, players can enjoy live-action Baccarat on the device of their choice. Ready for maximum thrills?

Simple Sophistication that is Perfect

With more power in bets but less in moves than Video Poker, and based on chance just as much as progressive jackpot slots machines are, Baccarat is incredibly fast-paced and exciting. However, it is relatively pared-down when compared to online Roulette, Blackjack or some other classic favourites.

This only adds to its allure and mystique, and makes it all the more perfect for Ruby Fortune, positioned as we are to be the best online casino in Canada. In fact, the traditional entertainment holds its own against new game releases and works equally well in our online or mobile casino, in both live dealer and conventional formats. Play in your browser with the same silky-smooth quality, and revel in the spoils and timeless elegance of this classic entertainment.