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Latest New Games at Ruby Fortune

Ever since we were established back in 2003, we’ve had a single goal: to make Ruby Fortune Casino the jewel in Canada’s online gambling crown. This objective is achieved in many different ways, including bringing you a wide variety of banking options and giving you helpful tips on how to improve your Blackjack strategy and tactics in other table games.

One of the most important things we do in our quest to make Ruby Fortune the very best online casino available, is to bring you games of crystal-clear brilliance. We offer more than 500 titles from industry legend Microgaming, which has been developing incredible online casino software for well over two decades.

The slots, Roulette, Baccarat and other titles that are already in our library are impressive enough, but the Microgaming team has never been content to just sit back as they are as innovative as they are is experienced. That means you can count on them to release new online casino games at regular intervals, with all the high standards that have made their previous offerings so dazzling. And you can rely on Ruby Fortune to be the site that brings them all to you first.

What Kinds of New Casino Games are Released?

Novel slots games are most frequently introduced to the gambling public, but Online Roulette, video poker or almost anything else can get a new spin and interpretation. In Microgaming’s Gold Series of games, for example, are beloved classics such as Blackjack and Baccarat that were reimagined to keep everything that made them so enjoyable in the first place, but to make them better suited to a casino online.

What Kinds of Innovations are in New Games?

Anything the creative geniuses at Microgaming can think of! You might get a new slots machine that has special features or a theme that has never been seen before, or be based on a blockbuster franchise that has not yet played out over the reels.

Progressive jackpots can be launched attached to all kinds of casino games with pre-set outcomes, such as in Craps paying out if you land a certain dice total a specific amount of times. Often new or improved graphics, sound and animations are seen in the latest titles too, and there are even live dealer game innovations such as new designs or playing features.

New Online Casino Games Keep Things Fresh

Just because Ruby Fortune is currently the greatest online casino Canada has available doesn’t mean you will always experience it this way. While every visit is unique, especially with the casino bonus offers that we continue to pamper you with, it’s up to us to keep your visits as interesting and stimulating as we can.

That means the latest and greatest online slots, Video Poker, table games, casual games and other gambling entertainments are showcased as often as new promotions are introduced or new articles on how to improve your gameplay are run. Everything comes together to provide you with dynamic online and mobile casino experiences that sparkle from every angle.

Try Out New Games Risk-Free

Of course, it takes some time to get familiar with anything and to decide if you are comfortable betting any of your hard-earned greenbacks on a game. That’s why you can usually try out our new releases without making a deposit.

Enjoy slots machines and more while investing nothing but your time, and when you are satisfied that a new title meets your expectations you can wager real money on it. As always, using your latest casino bonus will make your wins even more rewarding. Next time you need something extra special from your time with us, try one of the latest gems to be set in our impressive array!