Turbo Auto Roulette

Play the king of casino games at Ruby Fortune Casino with Turbo Auto Roulette, the latest offering from live casino game pioneer Real Dealer Studios and brought to you by Microgaming, the leader in casino games for nearly two decades.

Turbo Auto Roulette is an immersive playing experience with Hollywood-style cinematography and a cool futuristic vibe. We’ll bet you’ve never seen anything like this fast-paced, low-volatility RNG online roulette game before.

The Gameplay Basics

Roulette comes from the French word for ‘little wheel’, and looking at a roulette wheel, it’s clear why the game is named that. Turbo Auto Roulette uses a European-style roulette wheel, with 37 panels. 36 of them are either red or black, and numbered from 1 to 36. Panel 37 is green, and is inscribed with the number 0.

Since Turbo Auto Roulette is a live dealer game, you’ll talk to the charming croupier to place your bet. To play, simply pick which slot you think the ball will end up when the wheel finally stops spinning. With European roulette, you can pick between two major categories of bets – inside bets and outside bets. Inside bets are bets on a single number, while outside bets, on the other hand, are usually placed on groups of numbers. There’s a minimum bet of 0.25 and a maximum of 125 credits, with a default bet of 1. Some of the bets on offer in Turbo Auto Roulette are:

Straight Bets: These bets are placed directly on any single number, including 0.

Split Bets: These bets are placed on any two adjacent numbers, and may also be placed between 0 and 1, 2, or 3.

Street Bets: These bets are placed on all three numbers in a row.

Square Bets: Also called corner bets, these bets are placed on four adjacent numbers that form a square.

Line Bets: Line Bets feature six numbers (or two rows of three) and are placed on the border between the rows.

Column Bets: Column bets are, as the name suggests, placed on an entire column of numbers.

Dozen Bets: Dozen bets are placed on groups of 12 numbers and can be placed on either the first third (1-12), second third (13-24), or last third (25-36).

Even-money Bets: These bets include colour bets, even-odd bets, and high-low bets.

Additional Features

Turbo Auto Roulette isn’t just about good looks – it’s also got great features, including racetrack bets, special bets, and autoplay.

Racetrack Bets: In addition to the standard bet board, Turbo Auto Roulette also has a racetrack board, meaning players can make bets such as Voisins du Zero, Tiers du Cilendre and Orphelins.

Special Bets: In addition to the bets mentioned above, players can choose from 9 preset special bets, including 007, Snake, and more.

Autoplay: Let Turbo Auto Roulette do all the work for you; the game’s interface allows players to initiate automatic rebets 25, 50, or even 100 times.

These amazing features are paired with crystal clear audio and video interfaces with real studio actors and one-to-one action for a truly luxurious online casino games experience. Trained dealers mean there’s no fumbling or going off-script, and interruptions come with the chance to resume play with no problems.

Microgaming And Real Dealer Studios

Microgaming is an industry veteran and a leader in providing top quality online casino games. Since 1994, Microgaming has helped casinos surprise and delight customers around the world with top-notch graphics, immersive soundscapes, intuitive, easy-to-understand gameplay, and cutting-edge under-the-hood gaming technology.

Real Dealer Studios was founded with the intention of revolutionizing the live casino game space. Seamless video streaming and ground-breaking production quality are combined to give players the feeling of an ultra-VIP online casino games experience right from the comfort of their own homes. Together with Microgaming, they are on track to completely reimagine what live casino can truly be.

Available At Ruby Fortune Casino

Turbo Auto Roulette, the revolutionary new live casino experience, is only one of the many awesome online casino games available to play at Ruby fortune Casino. Choose from dozens of online casino slots games, table games like baccarat, blackjack, and of course roulette, and other live casino experiences, all of which can be played on PC, tablet, or smartphone, via browser or the mobile casino app.

In addition to having a jaw-dropping range of online casino games of all kinds, Ruby Fortune New Zealand is fully licensed, meaning you have complete peace of mind when you play here. Add to that reliable and secure banking and payment options, great daily deals and generous promotional offers, and an easy-to-use loyalty program, and it’s no wonder that Ruby Fortune Casino is considered the best online casino in New Zealand.