Ruby Fortune Delivers Top Table Games

They are not as showy as online pokies, but as far as classic thrills are concerned, you cannot go wrong with table games powered by Microgaming! Play them at Ruby Fortune, New Zealand’s most trusted online casino.

Whether you prefer the unique challenges of various card games, spinning iconic wheels for chances to win, or other means of determining results, you will find what you want to play. We’ve got familiar favourites, new games and so much more for you to play at our online or mobile casino!

What Sets Our Games Apart

One thing you should never do is forgo quality when you want to play table games online. You need to choose an online casino you can trust.

Ruby Fortune do not skimp on quality, so you never need to settle for second-best. There is no reason to put up with dreadful graphics, jerky gameplay, and results that diddle you out of your hard-earned money. Come play online casino games with us, and know you are getting the very best in audio, visuals, and playability, as well as fair play.

A Plethora of Table Games

Just as you can find online slot machines in a variety of styles and themes, so you can find a plethora of table games at Ruby Fortune’s New Zealand casino. In many cases, the games are hundreds of years old, and each has given rise to numerous variations.

Whether you are looking for a version of your favourite game played according to regional rules, or you want to enjoy a modern twist on a classic that includes bonus features or a progressive jackpot, our casino online puts plenty of options at your fingertips.

Powerful Online Blackjack

Known and loved the world over for its player-friendly rules, Blackjack is one of the most popular table games ever. When you play its European or American variations with us, you must face the dealer, and try form a hand worth a maximum of 21 points.

You can hit, double, or split to do this. If you think the cards you have in hand stand enough of a chance of beating the dealer’s hand, you can stand. The best part is that you can use strategy to help you decide which moves could be the best for claiming victory.

Thrilling Online Baccarat

Another one of the centuries-old table games, Baccarat received a make-over after it was introduced in Macau, Asia’s undisputed casino capital. This has led to millions of players, New Zealanders included, rediscovering its wholly-intense action.

Although the 2 hands in the game are referred to as the player and the banker (or dealer), you do not actually have a say in anything beyond deciding which hand to back. Moves are determined by scores, but what makes it even more exciting is being able to bet on either hand to win or, for a chance at massive payouts, betting on both to draw.

Action-Packed Online Roulette

Nicknamed the King of Casino Games or, depending on who you ask, the Devil’s Game, online Roulette is as mysterious as it is exciting. The wheel may have a simple design and the track much less complicated betting options than other table games, but as far as the thrills go, they are up there with the best of them.

Play the classic European, American, and French editions at Ruby Fortune. Enjoy as much as a 50/50 chance of winning when you place outside bets at our online or mobile casino.

Awesome Video Poker

Somewhere between Poker and online slot machines, Video Poker cuts other players, as well as various betting stages, out of the equation. Whether you choose table games based on the 3-card or the 5-card draw, your only goal is to play a winning hand.

Experience the best in gaming action with Ruby Fortune, where you can also play table games at our live dealer casino. Whatever you want, we have it!