Online Roulette Luxury at Ruby Fortune Casino

Experience action at its most iconic when you play a game as legendary as it is riddled with suspense at Ruby Fortune. Centred on what must be the world’s most recognisable wheel, Roulette online offers thrilling chances to win with every spin, and you are invited to feel the rush at our casino online!

Licensed, endorsed by eCOGRA, and powered by Microgaming, our casino is New Zealand’s ultimate luxury gaming option. Our services are protected by encryption technology that meets international standards, and our bonuses are among the biggest available to Kiwis. If there is one place at which to discover and rediscover the magic of online Roulette, as well as Blackjack, Video Poker, Baccarat, and even slot machines, this is it.

The Wheel’s Appeal

The spine-tingling action and excitement of the roulette game is said to have been invented by Blaise Pascal more than 300 years ago and is loved by players around the world. It was at the wheel that Charles Wells broke the Monte Carlo bank, and that a player in Vegas took the daring move of betting his life savings, only to see them double moments later.

Undoubtedly deserving of its unofficial title of King of Casino Games, it is played most widely in its European, French, and American forms. Experience them at their very best at Ruby Fortune, thanks to Microgaming’s internationally-renowned software.

In addition to results produced by the provider’s trusted Random Number Generator, you can also enjoy graphics, animation, and sounds so good, it will feel like the real thing. Immerse yourself in the untamed thrills, knowing that the outcome is entirely up to Lady Luck.

Mobile Roulette: Keep It Spinning

Roulette is one of the easiest casino games you could play. In fact, like online pokies, its gameplay is so uncomplicated, you could play it when on the go, and still enjoy real opportunities to win NZ$.

With Ruby Fortune’s mobile casino, placing your favourite outside or inside bets whenever the mood takes you is absolutely possible. You can launch your preferred roulette version, set the bet level, make your selection on the betting track, and spin the wheel with just a few swipes and taps. Sign up for an account if you do not already have one, and put top-quality online roulette gaming in the palm of your hand.

Know Your Bets

There are 2 main classes of bets in Roulette at our New Zealand casino online, and the difference between them is one you need to know about. Those classes are known as outside and inside bets.

In most cases, there is an almost 50/50 chance of your outside bets winning. They cover broad options such as the colours red or black, odd and even numbers, and the numbers on the wheel grouped as high or low, or in 3 separate batches of 12. If you are new to playing Roulette, these are the best bets to start with.

Inside bets are those found on the inside of the betting track. They give you the chance to bet on specific numbers, and to place bets that cover a small group of numbers. Much trickier than outside bets, they offer the biggest payouts.

Playing Roulette Online

Launch the roulette game you prefer, adjust the bet settings, and you will be all set to start playing. Place your bet by selecting the option on the track, and then click the play button to get things moving.

Find out if you managed to land one of Roulette’s fabulous payouts as soon as the wheel comes to a halt. Play to win at Ruby Fortune Casino, where you can also play roulette with a live dealer via video streaming.


Dealers Club Roulette with rotating dealers

“Place your bets!” For centuries these words have preceded the suspenseful moment when the dealer spins the roulette wheel one way and spins the little ball the other. This timeless experience has been completely updated for the digital era with Dealers Club Roulette. Produced by Real Dealer Studios exclusively for Microgaming, Dealers Club Roulette is a Hollywood quality production that combines the intimate experience of playing European roulette at a private table with the error-free delivery of random number generated games. The cinematic wizardry has to be seen to be believed, as you’re presented with a choice of eight rotating dealers, each with their own unique style and way of dealing. It’s hard to believe they’re not there in person as they take your bets and spin the wheel. Speaking of bets, all the simple and complicated options that make roulette so much fun to play are there, from even money bets all the way to the trickiest French bets. Special Bets and Racetrack Bets features help to streamline your game. Play Dealers Club Roulette on your preferred desktop or mobile device here at Ruby Fortune Casino.

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