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With numerous design touches and differences from a raft of other online roulette games that players could choose, Scarab Auto Roulette has a very distinctive look and feel that many would agree helps set it apart from the standard. That said, there is nothing that players of roulette will find new or troublesome about the gameplay itself. This game plays just as would be expected of a high-class mobile casino game made for the twenty-first century. The only difference is that players are transported back to an ancient Egyptian tomb to play the game. As such, it is more about the wonderfully evocative atmosphere that the design team behind Scarab Auto Roulette have come up with that makes it stand out from the crowd. Ancient Egypt might be a very long way from modern New Zealand — both in terms of time and distance — but this doesn't mean that Kiwi players won't enjoy this version of the classic casino game. Read on to find out more about this impressively designed version of online roulette.

Gameplay and Design

For starters, Scarab Auto Roulette does not overdo the Egyptian theme. In common with many popular online pokies that have ancient Egyptian themes — such as Wild Link Cleopatra pokie, for example — the use of hieroglyphics, for instance, doesn't get in the way of what players really want to see. In short, the visual design of Scarab Auto Roulette is very much a roulette game first, and second, an atmospheric trip into an online version of an Egyptian tomb. Players will note the gilded roulette wheel, for instance, as something that evokes the splendour of the Pharaohs. It sits proudly on top of an ancient stone plinth that has been decorated with various ancient symbols. However, the roulette wheel itself offers players the traditional numbering system, as well as green, red and black segments.

This is because the gameplay on offer with Scarab Auto Roulette is based upon the standard European rules for the table game, which is common in many casinos around the world nowadays. Players can see clearly when the wheel is spinning and how the ball is bouncing around on it as each turn is taken. Furthermore, the betting table is laid out just like many other casino games of this type. In other words, players will always feel at home playing Scarab Auto Roulette — whether or not they have ever played the game in a brick-and-mortar casino before — because everything Egyptian-themed doesn't hinder gameplay whatsoever.

Special Features Available in Scarab Auto Roulette

Despite the standard European roulette rules that Scarab Auto Roulette adheres to, there are some notable special features. These are likely to appeal to seasoned and experienced players of roulette. However, there is nothing to stop novices from enjoying them, as well, or simply ignoring them if they would prefer to do so. The first feature is the autoplay function that is on offer — hence, why auto is included as a part of the game's title. Players can set this to automatically play 25, 50 or 100 turns for them, which is a good thing to note if they are using a doubling strategy or another similar approach to the game.

There again, players can choose to make use of the special bets feature. This enables them to save their favourite bet — or combination of bets — on the betting table to save them from having to enter it every time the wheel is spun. As such, this will suit players who like to place common bets, such as red and black splits. In total, there are nine different preset betting combinations for players to use. Lastly, Scarab Auto Roulette features a racetrack board. This means that popular French-style bets — such as Tiers du Cylindre or Voisins du Zero — can be played with ease.

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