Immortal Romance Video Bingo

This video bingo game has the familiar and popular theme of vampires. The title was originally a pokie, but the bingo version uses the same graphics and characters. It has high volatility and can be played on desktop or mobile platforms, as it is compatible with iOS and Android devices. The game's interface is easy to follow and replicates the bingo-playing experience found in a brick-and-mortar location. There are four bonus features that will be explained later in the article. Also, the jackpot game offers four prizes as part of a high-quality and entertaining video bingo product.

Play Basics

The bingo game developers have adapted the Immortal Romance pokie to provide a fun online bingo playing experience. It is based on the traditional game of bingo, with bingo cards containing a selection of numbers from 1 to 90 and the draw of numbered balls. The objective is to match the numbers on the balls with the numbers on the card. There is a base-game level and bonus level, which offers more fun gameplay than the standard bingo game. Players can purchase up to four tickets for each game, and the draw can produce 19 winning patterns. The initial draw comprises 30 balls, but there is the opportunity for 12 extra balls. The desktop and mobile casino bingo game features jackpots and wild balls that add to the fun.

Bonus Features

Bingo is one of the most common online casino game genres. The basics are common to all video bingo games. Therefore, there are many similar online bingo games, but Immortal Romance Video Bingo has created the following bonus features:

Chamber of Jackpots

This feature stands out from other bonus elements because of the range of jackpots. There are four different jackpots that offer prizes up to 10,000x the unit stake. The play accumulates credits, which activate this feature. Extra balls can contain coins, and the Chamber of Jackpots comes into operation when the play area is full of coins.

Wild Ball

Players can buy an extra ball rather than a ball that appears in the draw. This purchase triggers the wild ball feature, which allows for the selection of a number that was not drawn. The wild ball acts in the same way as wild symbols on online pokies. The ball can represent any number, as long as that number has not appeared in the current draw.

Eternal Chambers

Eternal Chambers has a 5-level bonus structure offering a maximum prize of 3,095x the bet. Items have prizes, and the objective is to accumulate these prizes to move up through the levels. There is a steady progression from one level to the next until the pinnacle of level 5 is reached. The collect sign indicates players can take the prizes, which can also be redeemed at the highest level of the bonus hierarchy. The value of the awards increases as players move through the levels of this common casino game's feature. The collect sign is not always welcome, as it halts moving to the levels when players may prefer to continue with the gathering of awards.

Immortal Pickers

Players can pick from a selection of eight items as part of this bonus feature. There is a hidden prize in each item or a collect sign that terminates the game. The aim is to accumulate potential prizes until the player finds the collect sign. There is a fixed pattern prize of 900x, in addition to an extra bonus prize of 1,400x, so the total maximum prize is 2,300x the stake.

Stakes and Payouts

The most common coin sizes go from 0.05 to 10, but the game has a default stake of 1 unit. Players can implement up to four coins in one game, which is also the default number of tickets. The minimum bet is 0.05, and the maximum bet is 40 at the Ruby Fortune online pokies lobby. Players can win up to 153,450 credits based on a full pattern on the card and a draw with one additional ball. The maximum wins are created in the bonus rounds and the Grand Jackpot. The most that can be won potentially requires the maximum bet, which is typical of video bingo games.


Immortal Romance Video Bingo is an entertaining game amongst many online casino games at Ruby Fortune Casino. The four bonus features enhance the entertainment that mirrors classic offline bingo. The bingo card is recognizable and simple to follow, so this MGS video bingo game has all the interesting elements of the popular game.