Wacky Panda

Welcome to the Wacky Panda slot. A zany, crazy, treat-filled creation with a super unorthodox setup, Wacky Panda’s one of the most unique online slots you’ll find at Ruby Fortune.

Its biggest drawcard, besides all the pandas you’ll be hanging out with? A max potential payout of up to 3333x your bet. So don’t underestimate the power of that 1 payline you see on your screen, because it sure packs a punch when you get the right mix of symbols.

Pandas are native to South Central China, it’s no surprise that Wacky Panda plays out in a pastel-coloured bamboo forest. And you’ll be thrilled to know that this tranquil setting, babbling brook and all, looks equally lush on mobile and desktop. That means you can take the laid-back adventure with you wherever you are, home, away or couch-surfing in your favourite room, café or restaurant!


The secret to the best payouts on Wacky Panda? Knowing the type of panda you need to channel, and how many of them you must line up on the slot’s single payline to trigger a potential win. Incidentally, the red panda is both the lowest and the highest paying panda of all.

(Yes, the red panda is wearing a watermelon hat. No, they don’t call it Wacky Panda for nothing!)

If you’re playing on max bet (300 credits), 1 red panda on the payline pays 30x your bet, while 2 will get you 45x your bet. Because they make up the two lowest payout entries, you’ll find them right at the bottom of the paytable. Let your eyes wander up the listings to the top position, and you’ll find the rest of the pandas – brown, blue, purple and yellow – as well as the top-paying 3 red panda combo, which dishes out a max win of 3333x your bet.

To put things into perspective, that’s a jump of 2433x your bet from the yellow panda (second from the top) to the red panda. Insane!


Like most classic slots online, Wacky Panda doesn’t come with bonus features, but that doesn’t mean you sacrifice on big payout opportunities or modern mechanical features like AutoPlay or the Quick Spin button.

AutoPlay lets you set between 10 and 100 spins at a time. To set them up, click or tap the icon with 3 arrows that are grouped together to form a circle. On the pop-up screen, select the 10x, 25x, 50x or 100x button, then press Start AutoPlay. You can also use the toggle bar above if it’s easier.

Whatever your bet size at the time of AutoPlay activation is how much you’ll be spending on a single spin, so always make sure you’ve got this where you want it first. Nobody wants to make a 300-credit bet oopsie!

Changed your mind and want to go back to spinning the reels manually? You can at any time. Either click or tap the Stop button (it has an AutoPlay spin countdown on it) or wait until your spins are completed automatically for the feature to end.


Because it was released in 2017, you can enjoy Wacky Panda on your choice of our desktop or mobile casino. Simply save Ruby Fortune as a favourite in your preferred web browser and log in securely to start playing. We support you on Android, iPhone and Windows operating systems on a wide range of devices.

This is true of almost all our 500-plus games at Ruby Fortune Online Casino Canada.

Powered by Microgaming, we’re proud to be at the forefront of mobile play – and that means giving you hundreds of optimised creations to enjoy across your desktop and mobile devices.


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