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Immortal Romance Video Bingo

Immortal Romance has plenty of options if you are a fan of video bingo. The new bingo game from Neko Games features a love story between a vampire and a human researcher from the infamous Immortal Romance online slot game. The story is transformed into a bingo game, allowing players to complete 15 numbers and hit bingo. The immortal romance video bingo is a complex love story, and players advance through various levels like a video game. It features the same characters as the online slots game; the heroine Sarah, her friend Amber and good and bad vampires Michael and Troy.

Theme and How to Play

The mobile casino game is set in a dark environment. The house has decorated windows with the Immortal Romance logo in the middle with free spaces around it. When a player activates the Extra Ball feature, the logo turns into a lion head door knocker, and hidden numbers will appear in the free space. The sides of the logo have two bingo cards with 15 numbers. You can pick a number to play with between one and four or use all four for jackpot prizes.

The top of the screen usually has 15 different combinations that showcase the payouts, while drawn balls are found at the bottom of the screen. The fundamental way of winning is to land the patterns on the game tickets. Once the player hits the play button, 30 random balls are released, and if the numbers create a predefined pattern, the player wins the associated prize. Players can enjoy the game using the heroine Sarah or click on it to change the characters. Unlike in the video slot version, changing characters in the video bingo doesn't affect the game.

Extra and Wild Balls

The features available in video bingo games trigger bonuses and additional rewards for players. For instance, the Extra Ball feature is triggered when one of the bingo tickets lands a win eight times or higher. With the Extra Ball feature, the lion head doorknocker is surrounded by twelve red symbols with question marks. A player picks any of the symbols to get an extra number. The price for revealing each symbol depends on the chances of landing big wins. Players can hit the play button to display a random number or forgo playing the extra ball by clicking the button below the play button.

Occasionally, the Extra Ball is transformed into a Wild ball, allowing players to choose from one number of the bingo cards. Players can also let the game pick the number randomly instead of choosing numbers.

Immortal Picker

When a player achieves a Bonus Pattern 2 feature, the Immortal Picker is triggered. The Bonus 2 combinations usually cover all positions on a bingo card except the second and fourth places on the second row. With the Bonus 2 combination, a player has a chance of winning 900 times the ticket while the Immortal Picker increases your winnings by 500 times the ticket bet. In the Immortal Picker, a player can choose one of the eight items like a burning candle, spell book or watch. The items have different cash prizes, except the last one with a collect message. Players pick one symbol at a time to add up the cash prizes until the collect message ends the bonus feature. The Bonus 2 feature is usually overridden when a player lands the bingo, which has 2,250 times the winning feature.

Eternal Chamber and Jackpots

Sometimes, a player lands a Bonus 1 combination instead of Bonus 2, activating the Eternal Chambers. The Bonus 1 combination usually covers positions on the bingo card except for the third position on the second row. With the feature, a player can win an additional 1,695 times the ticket bet, which is higher than the chance of winning the 1,400 times combination. The Eternal Chamber has five levels, and a player picks a symbol in each level. The first level has six symbols, and each level has one symbol less than the previous one. If a player picks a cash prize, they can proceed to the next level until they pick the collect message.

When a player uses all four bingo tickets, it triggers the Chamber of Jackpots feature. The extra balls usually contain coins, and the Chamber of Jackpot is only triggered when the lion head doorknocker is filled with coins. Since the feature has 12 coins, players can pick one coin at a time and enjoy the corresponding jackpot.

Available at Ruby Fortune

Immortal Romance video bingo is a fun casino game available to play at Ruby Fortune. Always remember that responsible gaming is very important. Players should take advantage of our helpful features, including friendly and helpful chat support, cooling-off periods and the option to self-exclude. The collaboration between Neko games and Microgaming led to the creation of this unique game with an interesting theme. The bonus features are exceptional and provide players with an entertaining experience.