At Ruby Fortune, we do our best to provide the best online slots in Ireland, and we’re very proud to present Bingote. Produced exclusively for Microgaming by Neko Games, Bingote is a video bingo slot inspired by the world-famous story of Don Quixote de La Mancha. Saddle your donkey and go on a journey with Don Bingote through the land of La Racha, where the windmills are bursting with gold and the castles are jam-packed with jewels.  Your search for riches will take you through some very special features, including a pick-me Armour Bonus, a Windmill Monsters bonus and the five levels of Diamantea’s Castle bonus game, which comes with its own set of bonuses. You also stand a chance to win no less than four different bingo jackpots, for a potential maximum payout of 5000x your stake. Available online or in our mobile casino, the Bingo video bingo slot is a ride that you’ll never forget. 

Game description

There’s a lot to look at when you open Bingote on your screen. In the background, you see windmills in the green fields of La Racha beneath a fiery sunset. Instead of reels, there are four 5x3 bingo tickets grouped in pairs, with Don Bingote standing jauntily to one side. Balls are drawn in a drum at the bottom of the screen, and you can see the various winning patterns at the top, above the jackpot panel. The aim of the game is to daub numbers on the bingo cards to form winning combinations. (Daub is bingo speak for “mark off”.) You might think that this layout is too crowded for mobile devices, but Bingote’s special mobile portrait mode takes care of that. That’s how we roll at Ruby Fortune, the mobile casino Ireland can trust for quality mobile casino games. 

How to play

It’s possible to play Bingote for free in demo mode, but it’s fair to say that bingo casino games are generally more fun if there’s a chance to win prizes. To qualify for prizes, you’ll need to buy one or more bingo tickets. Prices range from 0.05 coins for a single ticket to 40 coins for four. Once you’ve made your ticket purchase decision, 30 balls are drawn at random from a set of 90, and you have to mark off the corresponding patterns on your card(s). After the initial drawn, you can buy an extra ball if you’re missing a number to complete a pattern. If you’re lucky, it will be a Wild ball that allows you to choose any number that hasn’t been called yet, for better chances to win. You can buy up to 12 extra balls before the game ends. Always be sure to play responsibly!   

Bingote bonus features

It’s always fun to unlock special features when you play casino games online, and Bingote has three of them. Each one of them is triggered when you manage to daub a specific bingo pattern. The Armour Bonus takes you to a room inside Don Bingote’s house, where his knightly armour is hanging from the ceiling in eight pieces. Select pieces to reveal prizes until the “Collect” message tells you that the bonus game is over.

The Windmills Monsters bonus is a little more complicated. Based on the famous episode in Don Quixote’s story where he confuses windmills for monsters, this five-level feature invites you to pick one of three monsters that appears before you. Two of them are really windmills with prizes inside. If you guess correctly, the windmill reveals itself, you win the prize and the game moves up a level. If you fail, the windmill’s sails start whirling and boot Don Bingote out of the feature! 

Monsters give way to romance in Bingote’s third bonus feature: Diamantea’s Castle. The idea is to help Don Bingote to reach the top of the castle where his lady-love awaits (in his mind, at least). On each of the feature’s five levels, there are four windows for you to open. Some of them will reveal prizes in the form of silver shields, but the others will let in a flock of birds that viciously attack Don Bingote! If you win a prize, you get to move up a level, for more chances to win (the number of possible winning windows increases the further up the castle you go). If the birds break in, two things can happen. Either the bird strike makes Don Bingote stagger and fall off the tower, in which case the feature is over, or he staggers but doesn’t fall. In that case, you level up without getting any prizes, for another chance to win in this excellent casino game. 

Bingote jackpots

At Ruby Fortune, we strive to be the best online casino in Ireland, which means providing games with fair chances to win big. Bingote jackpots are a great example of that.  With every ball drawn in the game, there’s a chance that a golden shield will be fired from the ball drum and be collected in the jackpot panel above the tickets. If you collect six shields or more, you win a Bronze, Silver, Gold or Bingote jackpot, depending on whether you collect six, seven, eight or nine shields respectively. Payouts vary from 60x your ticket price for the Bronze to 5000x for the mega Bingote jackpot. The jackpot is only active if you have bought four bingo tickets.