Play Best-Quality Blackjack Online At Ruby Fortune

You’ve probably never played Blackjack online if you have gone through life thinking you can’t do much with 2 playing cards. Experience the enthralling entertainment and phenomenal winning potential offered by the classic card game also known as 21 at Ruby Fortune.

An online casino Ireland can trust, we have got editions of RNG-run and live online Blackjack that are sure to entertain you. From titles inspired by purely classic action to those that put a new spin on tradition, there are plenty to choose from. If you have never tried beating the dealer before, don’t worry – Microgaming’s editions of the game are easy enough for complete beginners to learn the basic Blackjack rules in a few minutes. Are you ready to get into the hot seat?

European and American Blackjack Explained

There’s no one single form of Blackjack online. The game’s 300-year-history has taken it from Spain to other parts of the world, Ireland among them. Different variations of 21 developed in various regions, and you can play the best of them with us.

European Blackjack retains most elements of the earliest form of the game. In the European variant, the dealer gets 1 card when you get 2. The hole card is dealt at the end of the round, after you have made a move. A later form that developed in America changed the initial deal slightly, allowing the dealer’s hole card to be dealt at the start. This makes for a thrilling change to gameplay, especially because the dealer might peek at the hole card before you make a move – and this could lead to early elimination. Even though most of Ruby Fortune’s Blackjack online games are based on either one of these, others, such as Spanish 21, are available as well.

Find Your Style of Blackjack

Our online casino Ireland serves up a feast of first-class 21 fun, and you are invited to place your bets with us. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, you are sure to be impressed by the array of online Blackjack real money entertainment on offer.

You can find titles to suit your bankroll and the size of the bets you want to place, and you can play with different numbers of decks in the shoe. While most of our American and European Blackjack games let you play one hand per round, there are some that let you play multiple hands. You can even find multiplayer versions.

If you want to experience the atmosphere of playing the game with friendly dealers and other Irish players, our live online Blackjack tables powered by Evolution are where you’ll find it. You can take your virtual seat, place game, side, and bonus bets, Bet Behind hot players, watch the action in real time via video streaming, and enjoy a social experience with live chat.

Powered by Microgaming

The best Blackjack online available to players in Ireland is powered by Microgaming, and that is what you get at Ruby Fortune. Characterised by unbelievably lifelike graphics and the smoothest animation, our titles also feature sound effects that replicate what you would hear around a table.

The provider’s involvement in the industry since 1994 means it understands players better than anyone, and this is evident right down to the design of the game controls. What’s more, the games are faithful to the standard Blackjack rules, and the results of every deal are produced by a Random Number Generator that has been tested independently for fairness.

Mobile Online Blackjack Real Money Gaming

There is no limit to the amount of fun you can have by playing 21 with us. This includes enjoying online Blackjack real money gaming entertainment whenever and wherever you like.

You can place your bets and implement Blackjack basic strategy at your leisure, thanks to Ruby Fortune’s state-of-the-art mobile casino games for Irish players. The best editions of 21 and much more is there for your enjoyment, and you can access it with a few taps on your Android, iOS, or other mobile device’s touchscreen.

How To Play Blackjack

There are no great mysteries when it comes to playing 21, despite what Hollywood movies might lead you to believe. Follow these easy steps if you want to learn how to play Blackjack:

1.Place a bet and wait to be dealt 2 face-up cards. If they are not worth 21, you can try do something about it.
2.If the value is low, improve the score by hitting (when you want another card) or doubling for another card. (Double a bet before you receive your last card)
3.If you have 2 of the same cards, split if possible and see 2 new hands formed with new cards. You can potentially double your winnings. 
4.If your hand has a middle-range score, stand to play it as it is.
5.You can also think about standing if the score is very close to 21. You bust the dealer if your hand is closer to 21.
6.The dealer’s full hand – and the winner of the game – will be revealed after you make your move.

Experience Ireland’s best quality Blackjack online at Ruby Fortune.