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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I register at the Casino?

Registering an account is quick and easy. Click on the "Register" link in the login box at the top of any page or click the "Real Play" button located underneath any game. Once the registration form pops up simply fill out the form and press the Register button. You will receive a confirmation email with your account number and you can start playing immediately.

What is the minimum amount of gaming credits I need to deposit?

In order to start playing online, you will need to deposit 20 worth of gaming credits.

I want to play for free but I am asked for a credit card - why?

You have opened a Real account - contact a customer service representative for information on how to open a guest account. Guests are allocated Guest accounts that do not require real money.

Do I need to pay to play as a Guest?

No. Playing as a guest does not require you to have an account or to deposit any money. You can try nearly all of our games in Free play mode for free, for fun, or just for practice even if you have an account.

For how long will my Guest account be active?

Guest accounts never expire. You are welcome to remain a Guest and play as often as you like.

Can I deposit more casino chips in Guest mode?

Yes. Simply click on the "deposit" button and type in the amount of credits you wish to deposit. In Guest mode, you may deposit as many credits as you like.


How do I log in to the casino?

You can login anywhere on the site using the login box at the top of any page. Just enter your account number and password and press ENTER or the login button. You can also login by clicking on the Real Play button located underneath any game.

What is my password and account number?

Your password is case-sensitive and must be entered the same way each time you log in. If you have forgotten your password or account number, contact a customer service representative for assistance. Remember to have your registration details handy.

What if I try logging in and it does not connect?

This very rarely happens but if it does you can contact our live support team. Please check that your login details are correct and remember - your password is case-sensitive. If you have forgotten your password you can recover it quickly by clicking on the "Forgot Password" link.

Download Casino

What is the download casino?

The download casino is the same great Ruby Fortune casino packaged in an application you can install onto your computer. The download casino boasts 450+ games (some of which arent available on the site) and HD (High Definition) graphics!

Where can I get the download casino?

You can download it by clicking here, from our homepage or from our games page.

What are the minimum system requirements?

Minimum: IBM PC compatible computer Pentium 100 or higher 16 MB RAM 8-bit color SVGA (640x480) - 256 colors Microsoft compatible mouse Standard Sound Blaster - compatible sound card (optional) 1M Video Card - or better Recommended: Pentium 233MMX or better DirectX 3 or higher 32 Megs memory or better SoundBlaster compatible sound card 2 Meg SVGA screen card capable of 16-bit color (65535 color mode) The casino software is compatible with Windows XP, 2000, NT, 98 & 95 operating systems.


Is my credit card number safe in your hands?

Yes, your details are safe. Your personal Real Account number and password must be supplied prior to any credit card transaction can take place. Secured data transfer during any transaction is guaranteed and any credit card information or other information will never be disclosed to any other company.

How safe is it to give my credit card details over the Internet?

We and our partnercompany for fraud protection Proc-cyber, use state-of-the-art encryption technologies, which ensure that your personal and card information is protected at all times.

Are my account number and password safe?

Yes. The casino software uses 128-Bit encryption when data is transferred over the Internet. Each player is issued with a unique account number and players choose their own password, which they alone can access.


Am I old enough to legally play at this casino?

Casino play is available only to persons older than 18 years of age, or the legal age of majority in their jurisdiction, whichever is the greater. Minors may not under any circumstances play at this casino.

Can I register a credit card at the casino that is not in my name?

Ruby Fortune does not allow players to register credit cards of which they are not signatories. These measures are taken to protect you, the player, your credit cards and account. If another person would like to play in our casino via your PC, we recommend they open their own Real Account.

Game Play

How fair are the games at your casino?

The world's leading Internet Gaming Developer - MicroGaming Systems, which places extreme importance on accuracy, develops our software. They have developed Playcheck, which allows you to review your last 3 months of play - wager by wager. This allows you to check on the accuracy of the software. Playcheck is updated every 45 minutes.

What happens if I lose my connection to the gaming server?

If the gaming server resolves the bet during the loss of your Internet connection, it will refresh your credit balance with the outcome of the bet. If it does not resolve the bet during loss of the Internet connection, it will present you with the unfinished bet the next time you select the game that was being played when the connection was lost.

Why do the slot wheels sometimes keep spinning and don't stop?

This is caused by Internet traffic. The signal from the server is not being relayed to your software, so the slot wheels just keep spinning because they have not received the signal telling them when and where to stop. If you close the program, you will be refreshed to the last known position.

Why does the Roulette ball sometimes keep spinning and doesn't stop?

This is caused by Internet traffic. The signal from the server is not being relayed to your software, so the roulette ball just keeps spinning because they have not received the signal telling them when and where to stop. If you close the program, you will be refreshed to the last known position.

Why do the cards not flip over during a hand?

This is caused by a bad or slow Internet connection. The gaming server will hold the wager until it can resolve the bet.

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