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World’s Biggest Blackjack Superstitions

One might think that the world of superstitions only applies to those who stay clear of black cats, don’t break mirrors and avoid walking under a ladder at all costs, but this isn’t so! Many players, including those who try their luck at the famous game of Blackjack, also have superstitions of their own. These beliefs are so strong that they can actually alter the way that players play the game, and some will refuse to take certain actions for fear of inducing a bout of terrible luck. Are you curious to see what these superstitions are? We’ve outlined them for you below!

Never Ask For the Card You Want

There you are, in the middle of the biggest Blackjack game of your life. You’ve been winning big and after a huge bet and another win, you’ve vowed to take your chips and cash out. The dealer has put down a ten and a five in front of you. “Brilliant,” you think to yourself. “All I need is a six and I can take home this massive pile of money.” You think it, but because you’re a superstitious Blackjack player, you never ask for it out loud! Asking for a card almost certainly means you won’t get it, so you keep your mouth shut and nod for another card. It’s a six! Would it have been a six has you asked for a six? Perhaps it would have, or perhaps you would have busted instead and lost all of that money. This also applies for the dealer. When the dealer is putting down his card, a superstitious player should never ask for the card they want the dealer to get. If they do, they risk getting the exact opposite of what they’re asking for.

Lucky Charms Mean Bigger Wins

The idea of charms carrying influence of the happenings in the real world has been around for thousands of years. For superstitious Blackjack players, their lucky charm can mean the difference between a big win and an epic loss. The type of lucky charm a player carries around with them can vary greatly. Some opt for traditional charms such as a rabbit’s foot or a four leaf clover that has been placed inside a protective casing. Others will use objects that might seem completely absurd to the average onlooker, but they wouldn’t play a game without it! Wearing lucky socks or other items of clothing is also something that many Blackjack players believe will bring them the best hand.

New Players Equal Bad Luck

Some veteran Blackjack players that are also on the superstitious side insist that a novice player at the table can bring bad luck. Whether it is from plays that seem odd or downright stupid or that Lady Luck simply doesn’t like those that are new to the game, tables with loads of novice players are to be avoided at all costs.

New Dealer Equals Bad Luck

To go along with the new player superstition is the new dealer superstition. Many Blackjack players would avoid a table at all costs if it has just gotten a new dealer. Perhaps it’s because the streak of good luck that warranted the dealer being replaced is thought to be broken once they have left, and now the house is going to start winning. But whatever you do, never curse at any dealer, old or new, as this is also said to bring terrible luck to the player. Which of these Blackjack superstitions do you believe? Maybe none of the above matters at all, but are you willing to take that risk? Good luck either way!
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