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Winners Know When to Quit

It’s an old saying in gambling circles, “Winners Know When to Quit”. Successful players appreciate the games for what they are, play for the long haul, take calculated risks and bet their money wisely. And they know when to stop. The two aspects of being a winner who knows when to quit involve being able to play without developing a gambling addiction, and knowing the optimal time to stop playing from a tactical point of view. In both cases, you need to keep your emotions in check.

Avoiding the Pitfalls of Gambling Addiction

For the majority of people who develop problematic gambling behavior, the bright lights and sounds of the games, the anticipation of the results and the euphoria when you win are much more exciting than everyday life, and are an easy distraction from any difficulties in the real world. Knowing this can help you sidestep the issue. Never gamble to escape any feelings, or to avoid thinking about anything. If you notice that you are unable to stop when you say you will, that you need to play with more money to get the same feelings or that you are playing with money you can’t afford to lose, it’s time to seek help before you get in over your head.

Playing with a Cool Head

Aside from developing a dependence on gambling, the other reason to keep emotions out of it is to ensure that you always make clear decisions. The best headspace to decide on your casino game tactics is cool, calm and collected. If you are prone to getting really excited in the moment, however, and let’s face it, we’ve all been there, it is possible to put a few measures in place to help you stay in the black. You can set limits for how much you can spend on different games for different time periods, so that you have a built-in brake mechanism when you need to regroup or refocus. Aside from sticking to financial budgets, it’s a good idea to stick to time budgets too. It can be just as much a sign of a problem if you can’t stop after spending a certain amount of time gambling as a certain amount of money. And once you’ve made whatever you deposited back, put that away so you’re playing on pure profit.

Stay Cool to Stay on Top

Not getting carried away while you play will help you avoid addictive gambling tendencies, and avoiding problem gambling behaviors will keep you from getting carried away. Both these things are equally important to being a winner who knows when to quit.

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