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How Will VR Change The Way We Play Casino Games?

VR or virtual reality has become a buzzword again. The technology was hinted at in the 90s but processing power and computer technology just wasn’t up to the task yet. Now with the release of VR headsets and adaptors for mobile phones, VR has finally been delivered. It is currently still in its early stages, but game developers have already made some impressive progress in the VR gaming space. Online casinos now want to get in on the action and VR casinos may be the answer.

The Requirements For VR Gaming

All you need to play a VR game is either a dedicated VR headset or one of the many goggles that will allow you to use your phone as a VR device. Since mobile casinos are already becoming popular, this may mean that soon, with the help of your mobile phone and goggles, you will be able to step into a virtual casino. You will also need to download the VR game software. Currently this software is quite large and a far cry from the couple of megs required for mobile casino apps.

What Is Currently On Offer

At the moment, the VR casino demos available are just that, demos. They are merely hinting at what can be done with the technology. For instance there is a slot game where you play the game as if you are in front of a real slot machine, but when you trigger the bonus game, the scene changes to a view on a roller coaster and you get to take a quick trip. The level of immersion in VR games means that this roller coaster bonus feature provides an additional rush to the feeling of hitting a jackpot.

Innovations In Casino Gaming

Now that we have the tech and we have some early groundwork laid, casino game developers can step up and take us into a new age of gaming. As with any new technology or media, we will need some out of the box thinkers and innovators to really make full use of VR technology. Currently many people seem to have trouble with putting on the bulky headsets and playing casino games for extended periods of time, but for now, it is still early days, who knows what further innovations tomorrow will hold for casino fans. From mechanical slot machines, to video poker, to online casinos, to live dealer games, looks like VR casinos will be the next step in the evolution.

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