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What’s Thanos Up To In Endgame?

Ruby Fortune Casino: Thanos in all his glory Source: Thanos is perhaps one of the most praised aspects of the smash hit Avengers: Infinity War. In fact, he may just be one of the most praised villains in comic book movie history. Flying in the face of everything audiences have come to expect from a comic villain, Thanos was softly spoken, relatable, had clear motivations, and even managed to carry a believable emotional journey of his own. Of course, he was also a mass murdering lunatic, but that is all but required, given that he happens to be the bad guy. Thanos is played by Josh Brolin, and brought to life with CGI that is as good as, if not better than, the CGI used to create Gollum in the Lord of The Rings films. Last we saw of Thanos in Infinity War, he had managed to finally gather all the Infinity Stones to the Gauntlet, and used them to instantly vaporise half of the population of the galaxy. A not too pleasant end to the film, leaving fans clamouring for information, not only on the new film, but on the argued star of Infinity War; Thanos. So, just how much of a central focus will he be in Endgame?

Thanos’ Chequered Past

Thanos has had a long journey in the MCU up until this point. We first heard of him in 2012, during the credits of The Avengers. He didn’t do much except look menacing and smile, but it was enough to send fans into a frenzy of speculation. Though, it would be a very long time before he actually made a real appearance. He made a brief cameo in Guardians of The Galaxy, and again during the credits of Avengers: Age of Ultron, still not doing much of significance, but managing to further fuel the furnace of expectation. He didn’t make his entrance until Avengers: Infinity War, and boy what an entrance it turned out to be. Over the course of the movie he was fleshed out into a deeply powerful, deeply complicated tyrant character that lived for no other purpose than to follow his life’s calling. That calling being bringing balance and peace to the galaxy. Though, that balance and peace he achieved in the way he saw fit, which was randomly killing off half of entire populations. The result of his massacres was, though, according to him, helping civilisations flourish. Ruby Fortune Casino: Thanos and the infinity Gauntlet Source: Imgix

MCU Keeps A Lid On The Storyline

But what part will he play in Endgame? Most assumed that he would simply return as the same monstrous, tyrannical figure, but that’s where the MCU might just take audiences by surprise. Details on Endgame have been sparse, for obvious reasons, but there are a few that have been confirmed. First, it seems that Thanos will be a shadow of his former self. Far from being the previously menacing, ultra-powerful character, it has been suggested that he will now be weakened, namely from the fights he endured in Infinity War. Plus, the act of killing off half of the galaxy, it has been hinted at, will also have left him greatly diminished in power. Word is that using the Gauntlet will also have left it permanently fused to his arm, though it may not be as powerful as it once was. Furthermore, it seems that in Endgame Thanos will even be retired, living out his remaining years in peace, on a safe planet known as The Garden. Though, chances are high that Thanos won’t exactly just be a weak pushover, or it wouldn’t be much of a movie. The few details seem to suggest that the MCU is going even further in making Thanos a deep, interesting, and multi-layered character, which spells good things for Endgame. Fans are frothing at the bit to watch Endgame, and it won’t be long now before we find out if Thanos has taken up gardening and retired from life, or is ready to cause a little more mayhem. Needless to say, we are putting money on the latter. At Ruby Fortune Mobile Casino there’s no endgame in sight! We’re here 24/7 ready to provide you with world-class entertainment, all at the swipe of a button.
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