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What’s Next For Casino Technology?

As with all industries, the casino industry has advanced alongside technology. Although the core of casino games has remained virtually unchanged for centuries, there have been advancements in many notable ways, pulling the industry along into the future. Casino goers just a few years ago would have guffawed at the idea of having a portable casino in your pocket, but today this is not just possible, but completely commonplace. It’s all a bit difficult to wrap your head around. The technology of the human race flies along at a staggering degree. From steam engines to flat screen television sets and portable computers, all within the blink of an eye. Some daren’t even predict where technology is headed, since it seems like the innovations of just a decade are so big that one has trouble seeing even that far ahead. The casino industry does, however, have a few places it is advancing that we already know about, although the gears of these advancements are still in motion. Let’s have a look at some of the ways the casino technology is going to advance in the near future.

Virtual Reality Advancements

It has been openly stated by developers of online casino games that virtual reality is the way of the future. Microgaming, the biggest developer in the industry, has already openly demonstrated casino games in virtual reality, and it was impressive to say the least. The demonstration involved players taking part in a game of roulette, except not only could the player look around freely at the world, and interact with virtual objects, but this game of roulette happened to be out in space, surrounded be drifting asteroids. It’s all so science fiction that some still have trouble grasping it. You may ask what virtual reality will really bring to a game of online blackjack, since it functions perfectly well as it is, but VR technology really needs to be experienced to be fully appreciated. The levels of emersion are simply astounding, and when thinking that such technology can be used on a multiplayer level, with players from around the world sharing a table in digital space, one starts to see that it is a whole new era of digital technology. You are no longer just playing games, you’re living them.

Automated Casinos

In real world casinos automation has been creeping its way onto the scene for some time. It has been possible to fully automate casinos for many years now, but most establishments have opted to keep croupiers at the tables, because it simply offers a more personal experience. As the years roll on, however, more and more real world casinos are deciding to use automated table games, which again starts to sound like a science fiction future is on our doorstep. Most of these games are touchscreen versions of themselves, which is a bit less impressive than having robots run the tables, but it is automation nevertheless. One might ask why a person would go into a real world casino in the first place, since touchscreen casino games are available right on your smart phone. Either way, many real world casinos are bringing in automated games, which is an interesting development.

Live Online Casino Expansion

Interestingly, as real world casinos turn more and more towards automation, online casinos are gradually becoming more personal. Live casinos involve an instant feed of a real croupier, straight to a person’s computer, wherever they are in the world. The feed is instantaneous, so players are able to interact with the croupier as if they were there. Such amazing online experiences have been available for some time now, particularly in Europe, but some aren’t even aware it is possible. This is because the live casino system requires a very powerful and reliable Internet connection, and some parts of the world do not have this yet. As powerful Internet becomes more and more accessible, however, the live casino systems are rapidly expanding. Many are saying that live casinos will be the standard of the future, and this does seem logical. We can’t help but think that not everyone will insist on a live casino even if it is easily accessible, however, since simple digital casino games have a charm all of their own. Not everyone, after all, wants the pressure of having to deal with the time limits and pressure of a real croupier. Either way, live casinos are certainly going to become more common.

Entering the Unknown

But these are just the ways we already know casino technology is going to advance. There are likely going to be innovations and experiments that no one saw coming, and these are going to be the most interesting ones. All anyone can really do is sit back, strap in, and wait for the future to roll in. We’ll be right here waiting to discuss it once it arrives.
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