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What’s the Future of Multiplayer Games?

Multiplayer video games and multiplayer casino games are thrillingly entertaining, and like all technological sectors they are developing all the time. It’s interesting to think about where they might be going, and what the future might hold.

Expert Predictions

Software developers, playing enthusiasts and other industry insiders are often asked, or discuss in forums, what they think next developments in multiplayer games will be. The general consensus is that in video games there will be more integrated levels of play, with different-size versions of the game offering different activities. All of these will be related; you might solve a puzzle to gain points that get your avatar further, for example. It’s also believed that there will be more ways to collaborate with fellow players when you’re online at different times. You’ll be able to find the physical locations of nearby players in your area too, so that you can connect with like-minded enthusiasts in the real world as well as online. And, of course, virtual reality and augmented reality will keep having a big impact on these games. What’s really interesting is that all of this applies to online casino games as much as it does to video games.

Social Casinos

Social casinos are the fastest-growing gaming sector right now, and there is huge potential here for the games to get more interactive. Since there are already multiplayer casino games that are technically strong, creating new ways to engage with the games could be where the real new development takes place. Players could even team up and play in tournaments, as online video gamers do when they form guilds. Special extra tasks and challenges could be set, and the results of games could be made public. We’ve already seen how popular social casinos on Facebook are. Using more multiplayer games and getting more interactive is just taking this enjoyable entertainment to the next logical level. The casinos themselves can also be used as a social media platform.


Virtual reality could allow you to sit at a cards table as an avatar, with other players’ avatars, reproducing land-based games more closely than ever before. And with augmented reality, you might find yourself looking at a hand of cards on your phone, as you physically sit in a circle with other players who are doing the same. Everything can, of course, be replicated in real-money environments; new players could be enticed with social games and then real-money casinos offering the same interactive multiplayer experiences might be launched. And this is only what we can imagine now! Who knows what’s coming after that?

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