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What Would You Do if you Won the Jackpot?

 What Would You Do if you Won the Jackpot? For many people, playing slots and casino games online is a great way to relax, unwind and possibly win a bit of cash. But have you ever thought about what you would do if you actually won a progressive jackpot? Here at Ruby Fortune, we feature some of the biggest progressive jackpot slot games from Microgaming’s extensive progressive network. Winning the mega jackpot could mean living the life of your dreams.

Viva Las Vegas

If you are a die-hard casino enthusiast, top of the list would be booking an extended trip to Vegas. Known as the casino capital of the world, Las Vegas is the ideal place to immerse yourself in the magical world of casino gambling. The towering hotels, bright lights and 24-hour casinos offer players an incredible adventure where you every whim cater for. With your jackpot winnings you could stay in the best hotels, ride in luxury limos and take a seat at the high-rollers table without batting an eyelid.

Travel, Travel, Travel

If you have always wanted to travel, winning the progressive jackpot at Ruby Fortune will can change your life. If you are an avid couch traveller, you could pull out your list of exotic destinations, randomly pick a place and disappear for weeks on end. Explore the jungles of South America or travel down the Nile river on a houseboat through Egypt. Hire a Harley Davidson and drive down Route 66 or snorkel with exotic fish in the Barrier Reef. By winning the jackpot, the world becomes your playground.

Buy a Ferrari, a Bentley or Both

For most people, upgrading their car is a no-brainer. If you have been driving a 30-year-old hatchback that barely makes it to the supermarket, a luxury car is worth more than its weight in gold. By winning the jackpot, you could walk into a Ferrari dealership and choose your favourite shade of red. If speed is not your thing, you could head to the classic car dealership and pick up a mint condition 1930’s Bentley for a bit of a Sunday afternoon drive.

Holiday Homes by the Sea

If you are able to focus on what you want, winning the progressive jackpot can set you up for life. You might have your eye on a beautiful house, maybe a holiday home at the seaside. Dig out your bucket list and systematically tick off each and every thing you want to do before you are too old or too tired to do it. The possibilities are endless; with a realistic approach you can have the life you dreamed of with a big jackpot win!

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