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Wakanda Forever

Black Panther Marvel Comics Source: Marvel As the only African superhero, Black Panther has an exotic flair to him. The premise of the 2018 Marvel film is unique in every way, and breaks the mould of what we have come to expect from titles released by these comic geniuses. But, have you ever wondered what someone like him would have on his iPod playlist? With his serious persona and commanding presence, would he take the same approach to his music? Or does he prefer to spice things up in this regard? Here’s what you can expect if you were to come across the playlist of Black Panther.

Bad – Michael Jackson

Black Panther is the ultimate badass and, therefore, it comes as no surprise that this famous MJ track is at the top of the playlist. It’s not hard to picture the superhero fighting international villains with this song ringing in his ears. With lyrics that say “the word is out, you’re doin’ wrong. Gonna lock you up, before too long” this is one anthem that perfectly suits the Wakanda-born hero.

Bad Blood – Taylor Swift ft Kendrick Lamar

Stunned to find that Taylor Swift made the list? If you’ve seen the music video for this track, then the fact that it has made an appearance should certainly come as no surprise to you. Taylor teams up with musical bad boy, Kendrick Lamar, and this results in an epic tune that is worthy of any battlefield.

Bodak Yellow – Cardi B

When preparing to take down your biggest rivals, some Cardi B could help you on your way to victory. This particular tune is extremely catchy, and the lyrics are sharp, which is exactly what any superhero needs to get fired up for a big fight.

Together Again– Janet Jackson

Revealing the comic hero’s softer side, Together Again perfectly portrays the love the superhero has for his mother, sister and Nakia, his love interest. This song proves that even superheroes have a deeper side to them, it just takes the right person / people to bring it out. At Ruby Fortune Online Casino our hot promotions are music to a player’s ears! Enjoy fantastic casino games, great deals and so much more once you sign-up for FREE.

Beat It – Michael Jackson

This tune and Black Panther simply go well together and, therefore, it just makes sense that this track is on the list. With Michael’s fierce dance moves, and Black Panther’s vicious combat skills, these two make the perfect duo. So who better to help the superhero win on the battlefield than the catchy classics of MJ himself?

Thunder – Imagine Dragons

The energy that an Imagine Dragons song brings is enough to pump anyone up. And when you’re getting ready to take on the greatest evil in the world, your energy levels certainly need to be at their best. With powerful drums and intense beats, this tune is enough to give anyone the confidence that they need to take on a seemingly daunting task.

Pray For Me – The Weeknd ft Kendrick Lamar

This song makes an appearance on the soundtrack of the Black Panther movie, for this reason, it only makes sense that it appears on his personal playlist as well. Featuring two prominent male artists in the world right now, this ballade represents everything Back Panther stands for, and holds a deeper meaning. It is a powerful symbol of Africa and shows that Africa is also capable of delivering great things.

Here’s to the Music

Whether you’re a superhero or not, there is power in music. It can alter your mood in an instant, or help you through a very tough time. It even gives supernatural beings, like superheroes, an extra push when they need it the most. Don’t believe us? Well, picture a fight scene without epic music? Simply can’t imagine it? Well, neither can we!
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