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The VR Experience Explored

As the advanced technology of virtual reality is thrust upon us, and is all but set to become the new standard of gaming, many are still asking themselves what exactly VR is, and what it brings to the table. Most likely still remember the science fiction movies of not so long ago, depicting virtual reality as some sort of mystical technology, beyond our current grasp and seen only in dystopian future worlds. The reality of VR is really not so far off from these movies, but it can’t be denied that real VR comes with some very distinct built-in restrictions. There is, after all, a very big difference between being able to look at a world, and realistically interact with it. When reaching out your hand to touch something and finding your fingers grasping only air, emersion tends to be a little more difficult to achieve than anticipated.

VR Restrictions

For starters, let’s just acknowledge the fact that many VR experiences are based around observing the world from a fixed perspective, with good reason. Even the most advanced current VR only allows moving around within a small part of a world. But this is logical, given that you are really still sitting in your living room. It wouldn’t do to have you try and move around your virtual world, only to have you shins make very painful contact with the coffee table. Hence, it is essential that a VR experience be based around sitting or standing in a single location. There is, however, a great deal that can be done within in these restrictions.

VR Gaming

Virtual reality gaming is where most expect the technology to be utilised. But again, let’s not forget about those built in restrictions, and ask ourselves exactly how this is going to affect a game playing experience. You’ll probably have realised that the vast majority of modern games require you to move around, and as already established this is not VR’s strong point. So how can a VR game be any fun when you can’t move from the spot? One of the main reasons that casino games are already strongly anticipated to lead the VR scene is that they are, by nature, a perfect fit. A modern slot game is a very impressive thing to look at, and certainly doesn’t require you to do more than simply sit on the spot and spin the reels. But, of course, there is a big difference between spinning the reels while looking at your mobile phone screen, and, say, playing a slot game while sitting on the lip of an active volcano. Yes, in virtual reality it is not only a possibility to play a slot game while sitting on the lip of a volcano, it is absolutely going to be a mind blowing experience. And yes, this scenario is also achievable with current VR technology. And you’ll notice you don’t have to move from the spot to enjoy the experience.

Virtual Tours

VR is also being anticipated to change the world of education and exploration. Most don’t have the luxury of being able to fly across the world and walk through the pyramids. At least, they didn’t have that luxury until just recently. Virtual tours are amazing experiences, and allow perhaps even a better experience than being there in person. You can’t, after all, view the pyramids from a bird’s eye view in real life. You certainly can with a pair of VR goggles. And although VR is currently pretty expensive, it’s a damn sight cheaper than a flight across the world.

VR Education

In terms of education VR is being mentioned as a way to bring lessons to students in a way never before thought possible. Being told what a DNA strand is, after all, one thing, and being able to view it before your eyes in full 3D is something completely different. There are few schools that could afford this technology at present, but it won’t be long before it becomes a great deal cheaper.

Virtual Casinos

We already mentioned slot games as perfect for virtual reality, but the same really extends to all casino games, and casinos in general. A fully functional 3D casino, complete with guests from around the world, is completely within the realm of VR possibility. Attending a game of poker with real life opponents on your laptop is great, but imagine feeling like you’re really there, able to look around as you please and engage verbally. It sounds like science fiction, but this reality is on our doorstep. And, of course, let’s not overlook the fact that this virtual reality casino could be an exact recreation of real world casino in Italy, or perhaps be stationed on the moon. It really is a case of the only restriction being your imagination. We can’t wait for it to start happening. In the meantime, however, we’ll see you at the online slot games down here on good old Earth.

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