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Life After Google? How Huawei Mobile Users Will Learn To Live without Google After “Kill Switch”

symbol of Huawei and the word “banned” Source: Slashgear From travel and music to security apps and downloading online casinos, we, the Internet-fuelled globe, have become dependent on Google. However, due to President Trump’s recent blacklist on Chinese technology, Google is pulling the “kill switch” on its relations with China’s most successful smartphone manufacturer, Huawei. Cutting the smartphone producer off from Google may create big problems for Huawei users outside of China. However, thanks to alternatives for managing life without Google, if you are a Huawei user and love Ruby Fortune’s mobile casino games, you won’t have to sacrifice quality and convenience with you game on-the-go. As of last week, Google has decided to stop licensing its Android mobile operating system to Huawei. Due to Google discontinuing its proprietary Android system and related services to Huawei, future Huawei devices will not have access to popular Google services, such as the Google Play Store, Gmail, and YouTube apps. All access to Android updates will be immediately discontinued across all current devices. The only option Huawei now has is to provide a public version of Google’s operating system. This public variation is called the Android Open Source Project. Fortunately, for current Huawei users, Google has stated that, “…Google Play and security protections from Google Play Protect will continue to function on existing Huawei devices.”

What the Ban Means for Huawei Users

image of Android icon Source: Techspot In many ways, this is not the first time smartphone users have looked at the possibilities of a world without Google. Google has started to take over cyberspace in a way that makes some users uncomfortable. Tracking all your searches, ad queries, and locations and overseeing all your privacy settings may be a bit much for people who are wary of “Big Brother.” Regardless, if you have a Huawei phone, you still have access to Google through your current device but when it comes time to update, you’ll have to learn to live without Google. Maybe it’s best to cut the ties now. For your convenience, there are a variety of tools at your disposal.

A Solution for Geeks

To remove Google from your device and zero in on the open source options that will still give your smartphone the zip and apps you need, you can replace your phone’s default firmware with a custom ROM. A custom ROM replaces the default Android version and gives you tighter control over services and features. You do need to be a little tech-savvy to accomplish this. It helps to know a few things about unlocking the bootloader, installing a custom recovery, and flashing the ROM. One effective and universal custom ROM you could try is LineageOS. This ROM is also highly praised for its privacy and security, a key element when disengaging from Google. LineageOS removes all Google apps and services, and offers a feature called Trust. Trust provides an overview and tight control over your device’s security via a user-friendly interface. Not every device will support this OS, but new phones are always being added to the compatibility list.

Solutions for Non-Geeks

Google Apps Source: YouTube Trying to create a custom ROM make your eyes glaze over? Have no fear. Non-geek solutions are here. For every issue produced by losing Google, there is a solution. Google Chrome: Everyone’s favorite cross-platform web browser really isn’t the be all end all. Look to Safari, Firefox, and Brave for free alternatives to conduct your apps, syncs, and platforms. Gmail, Calendar, and Contacts: Where would you be without Google’s syncing of email, dates, and contacts? You’ll be fine, we promise. Although a paid service, you can download FastMail that includes contacts and calendar support across all devices. Google Maps: Fortunately, there are many excellent GPS solutions not supported by Google. Try Waze, Apple Maps, and OpenStreetMap, which are all free. YouTube: Although admittedly a tough app to lose, many other companies supply music and video streaming platforms. Vimeo, Spotify, and Apple Music all offer free options. Amazon Music is another option with a free trial. You can pay minimal fees for more perks and ad-free versions. Google Search: You may automatically just “Google” something, but many other excellent search engines exist, such as Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, and Google Play Store: Can’t live without your apps? You can use the Amazon App Store and F-Droid to still download many of the apps you know and love without the influence of Google.

Pros and Cons of Life without Google

Whether you are a Huawei phone user or just want to give Google the old heave-ho, you’ll encounter some pros and cons. You may have to say goodbye to many apps you use regularly. You also may experience slower updates and some security risks. However, many security software options and open source operating systems are proving to be just as effective. Do your research and make the break from Google as clean as you can for a brave new future.
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