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Understanding Slot Volatility

Online casino and game review sites sometimes mention slot volatility, although they seldom explain what this means. If you’ve been wondering about it, wonder no longer, because we’ve got the answer for you. You’ll also find out why it’s relevant to your gaming, and how you can use it to make the most of your gaming sessions. To put it simply, slot volatility is basically an indicator of how often a game is likely to pay out, and whether or not you can expect those payouts to be big or small. Find out what type of volatility would best suit what you’re looking for in your gaming sessions, and then come spin the reels with us.

Use Slot Volatility to Enhance Your Gaming

When you understand slot volatility, you can use it to find games that let you sit back and watch the wins roll in, and games that present more of a challenge, and are sure to keep you in suspense as you wonder which spin will land the big one…

Slot Volatility and House Edge

Slot volatility is linked to the game’s house edge, which is how much chance the casino has of winning the game. Slots with a low volatility indicate a low house edge, those with a medium volatility indicate a medium house edge, and those with a high volatility indicate a high house edge. If you’re looking for a slot that pays out smaller amounts frequently, you will need to look out for low volatility slots. If you’re looking for larger payouts, even if that means spinning the reels for longer, you will need to look out for medium or high volatility slots.

Low Volatility Slots

Choose games with low slot volatility for bright and breezy action that sees payouts come your way every three to five spins. Most of the payouts will be lower value ones, but that doesn’t mean more exciting ones are completely out of reach. It’s good to remember, though, that the average jackpot on a low volatility slot is not likely to alter the course of your life. If you’re on a fairly tight budget, or if you don’t want to get your pulse racing too fast, low volatility slots are a great way to enjoy easy-going gaming that’s kind on the bankroll.

Medium Volatility Slots

A slot that offers payouts at fairly regular intervals has a medium slot volatility. You might only see a payout every 25 spins or so, and when one does land, it may come as a bit of a surprise. It will be either a fairly average payout, or it will be pretty darn impressive. It may also happen that you land several smaller wins in over a short period of time. Slots with medium volatility aren’t the most predictable of games, which makes them a great choice for thrill-seekers. If you play with a fairly modest bankroll, you will need to keep an eye on it.

High Volatility Slots

If you’re looking for a slot with payouts that are hot, hot, hot, choose one with high slot volatility. Much like those with medium volatility, these games could see a few average, perhaps even uninspiring, wins land at somewhat irregular intervals. However, if you’re an adrenalin junkie, and if you’ve got the patience and a bankroll to match, you could be the winner of some truly magnificent payouts. It might take you well over 100 spins to get there, but when you do, the jackpot could be the answer to a great many of your prayers. Find a huge range of slots at our casino, and come spin the reels with us!

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