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Understanding Auto Play

Most online casino games can be tremendously exciting, though playing them for a longer period of time may get a little strenuous. This is why many of the software giants have incorporated auto play or auto spin features into their casino games. This feature allows us to pre-determine a set number of spins or hands that the machine will then play out automatically, enabling us to simply sit back, relax, and watch the action unfold. There are both advantages and disadvantages to auto play, and we’ve outlined them here so you can determine when best o use this clever feature.

Advantages of Auto Play

Auto play is a great feature if you are less interested in the strategy of the game and more focused on winning. It takes away the repetitive nature of many slots games, but still gives us the chance to watch the action unfold, if we wish, and step in if we so desire. We can also step away from our screens if we want to, and the auto play function will continue operating. So, we have a chance of winning even if we are not actually playing! For games like poker and blackjack, auto play will operate according to a basic strategy, which removes human error from the game.

Disadvantages of Auto Play

The greatest disadvantage of auto play is the fact that we will not actually get to play the game. Everything happens automatically, and we may watch the action unfold, but we are not actually part of it. In addition, auto play speeds up the game play, which means that we are likely to spend more than we would if we were playing themselves. Since it is an automatic process, we also do not learn the skills we would need to actually master the game, which is particularly true of games such as poker and blackjack.

Making the Choice

It’s clear to see that auto play has both advantages and disadvantages, and we will have to choose whether or not we wish to enable it depending on our own individual circumstances. If we simply want to try and win some money, then auto play is a great option, but if you are trying to up our game play, learn a game, or enjoy the playing experience to unwind, then this will not be best option. What’s great about auto play is you can turn it on and off at will, so you always have the best of both worlds!

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