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1st / 2nd / 3rd Deposit - Match Bonus up to 250 € • New customers only • Min deposit 10 € • 70x wagering

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Top Tips for Casino Bonuses

If you’ve spent any amount of time playing online casino games, you’ve likely come across a great many special offers. These perks are awesome, but you need to know a bit more about them in order to really benefit from the rewards they have to offer. Some online casinos offer deals that are so good, they almost seem too good to be true. How can casinos seemingly be giving away hundreds, if not thousands of dollars? It logically seems like they would be going bankrupt. Well, anyone who knows anything about business understands that casinos would indeed be going bankrupt if they were giving away money on a daily basis. This is why it helps to understand casino bonuses on a deeper level, especially if you’re planning on taking advantage of any of them. Let’s take a look at a few online casino bonus practices, and understand exactly how they work.

T&C’s Apply

When you see an offer like a ‘$100 Sign Up Bonus,’ or some variation, it isn’t the same as getting a $100 bill in the post. The casino will indeed credit a new account with the cash, but there are terms and conditions that come attached to the money. This makes the bonus a fair reward for the player and the casino, and stops bonus abusers in their tracks. Bonus abusers are those who simply cash in on every offer, but don’t give back. There will be terms and conditions attached to every bonus, and the trick is to make sure that these are realistic, and attainable. A bonus that has fair terms and condition is worth its weight in gold, and is what you’ll always find at Ruby Fortune, as we believe in treating our players right!

Wagering Requirements

A method casinos use to prevent bonus abuse from occurring is a system known as wagering requirements. If a casino gives a bonus, it will often have a number beside it, written as something like X10. This is the wager requirement, and it is attached to any amount of money given. Any user accepting the bonus cash is also agreeing to the wagering requirement. So what is a wagering requirement, and how exactly does it work? The wagering requirement states how many bets the user must make before being allowed to withdraw the bonus cash, and any winnings made with the bonus cash. Both these amounts will be locked to the account, until such time as the wagering requirements are met. If the wagering requirement is X10, it means that the user must make at least 10 bets equal to the bonus amount, before the withdrawals can be made. In the case of the bonus money being $100, and the wagering requirement being X5, the user must make 5 bets of $100 before the money, and winnings, may be withdrawn. This number doesn’t change; regardless of how much money the user may have won with the initial bonus cash.

Tracking Wagering Requirements

Most online casinos make it very clear how much progress the user has made towards the wagering requirements. The bonus money is normally kept separate from the main account, and the wagers are normally even ticked off as they are made. If the online casino does not offer this service, be sure to keep track of the situation yourself. It can get very confusing if all winnings, and the bonus money, are all kept in a single account.

Other Types Of Casino Bonuses

Other casino bonuses may include things like giving spins on a slot game. This is another situation where it might seem like the casino is basically giving away money, but there are conditions attached. The spins will, first of all, likely be limited to only certain slot games. So be sure to check which games you may use the spins on.

Understand What You’re Accepting

Regardless of which online casino you’re at, the people in charge of giving away bonuses will always make very clear the conditions around the bonus. Before accepting a bonus of any kind, simply read the terms and conditions to understand exactly what the situation is. It certainly doesn’t help to accept a bonus, only to later find out that you didn’t understand what was required of you. If you’re confused about any part of a bonus, simply contact the casino’s customer support centre for more explanation. But most of all, have fun with casino bonuses. It may not be the same as being given money, but it certainly is a ticket to having a whole bunch of fun at an online casino. Plus, bonuses boost your winning potential and let you play for longer- so it’s a win-win all round!

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