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Top 5 Most Populated Cities Globally

If there’s one thing humans are really good at doing, it’s increasing their numbers. At least, if you’re looking at the global population counter, and not taking the constantly upward ticking numbers into proper context. On July 1st 2017, the official population count of the human race stood at an impressive 7.46 billion people. By January 2018, it was over 7.6 billion. You can see why an alien race might consider us an awfully frisky species. The real question is, though; where are all of these billions of people living? It turns out that the answer is easy - in cities. Though, some of those cities are getting shockingly crowded, which makes sense given what you’ve just learned about human friskiness. Here are the top 5 most populated capital cities in the world, and how they stack up in terms of being nice places to live.

Beijing, China

Beautiful but highly populated Beijing Source: Pixabay China holds a great many humans, around 1.41 billion, to be precise. That’s about 19% of the all the people in the world. An impressive number, especially when you look at the size of the country on a world map. So where are they all living? In Beijing, of course. There are around 21 million people that call Beijing home, which means that you’ll have plenty of neighbours to chat with while you fight for parking spaces. As far as living standards go, it stands to reason that Beijing is a little crowded. Though, it is also a modern city that is certainly an impressive spectacle to behold. Just don’t get on the highway and not expect a little congestion. There are, after all, many millions of people who also need to get to work.

New Delhi, India

New Delhi Source: NZTE New Delhi is hot on the heels of Beijing, and expanding at a rapid pace. In just five years, the New Delhi population rose by 2.1 million, from 16.7 to 18.6 million. It seems it won’t be long before New Delhi takes the crown, unless Beijing can pick up the pace. New Delhi is also a major tourist attraction, and for very good reason. It has beautiful buildings, incredible scenery, and plenty of markets offering lovely culinary delights.

Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo congestion Source: Pixabay As far as numbers go, Tokyo stands at number 3 on this list, but is likely to drop quickly in the rankings overall. This is because Tokyo has a surprisingly slow population growth, which at times even declines. So chances are that soon it will no longer even feature in the top 5. It is also a city well known for being incredibly cutting edge, while likewise having hints of traditional Japanese culture. It’s a well-loved city, although not a cheap one to visit. If you’re planning a holiday here, you may want to give your budget a boost by playing online roulette, just so you can be sure that you can indulge in all that’s on offer!

Manila, Philippines

Manila, Philippines Source: St Giles Hotels Coming it at 4 is Manila, and it holds one title proudly above the others on this list. It is ranked as the most congested city in the world, which is not great if you like your space. 13 million people are sharing a space of just 111,000, which is hair raising, when you see how much space that is on Google Maps. If you thought Beijing had bad traffic, you don’t want to face Manila in rush hour.

Moscow, Russia

Moscow, Russia Source: VideoBlocks In a comfortable 5th place is Moscow, with a total count of 12.2 million. It is another city that is seeing rapid growth, and will likely be in 4th place before long, when Tokyo starts dropping. Moscow is known for having beautiful architecture, and is well worth a visit. Just dress warmly!

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