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Top 5 Crazy Gambling Stories

Casinos tend to be environments for crazy stories, by their very nature. With all that cash and excitement flying around, you can be sure a few unusual instances are going to occur. What you may not know is just how crazy some of the stories can be, to the point that they are almost beyond belief. Here are the top 5 craziest things that have ever occurred in a casino.

1.Winning, And Losing

Our first story is perhaps also the most heart-breaking. In Arizona, a woman went into hysterical celebration upon winning a sizable jackpot at a game of bingo. She was congratulated and hugged by those nearby, who all assumed that the lady had just experienced the luckiest day of her life. And she had, at least for a short period of time. Her lucky streak came to an end almost instantly. Upon going to collect her prize money, the woman was asked to present her ID book. She did so, and sadly was immediately deported back to Mexico. No, she did not get to take the jackpot money with her.

2.If You’re Going To Cheat…

Most assume that the days of being able to cheat in casinos are long gone. After all, with the insane amounts of security used these days, who would even be crazy enough to risk it? These two men in Australia would, apparently, as they pulled off one of the craziest stunts we’ve ever heard of. Both men, who have opted to remain anonymous for obvious reasons, are in our books for having incredible guts. The Crown Casino, located in Melbourne, is where the crazy stunt took place. One of the men sat at a poker table partaking in the game as per usual, the other got busy hacking into the casino’s security system. Every casino table has a set of cameras these days, which records every aspect of a game in amazing detail. Using the information from the cameras, the two men got busy playing the greatest high stakes poker in history. $32 Million was taken away, and the two men have not been caught. Wow!

3.Big Errors Mean Big Wins

At the Golden Nugget in Atlantic City an amazing occurrence made a group of 14 players millionaires overnight. It seems that the automatic shuffling machine at a baccarat table was broken, and the cards not being shuffled. This meant that, over time, the players at the table began to realise that the cards were falling in the same order. Amazingly, since dealers were changed multiple times over the course of the evening, for various reasons the casino did not realise what was going on. The sneaky players started to take advantage. By the end of the night over $1.3 million dollars had been won by the players. The casino did eventually learn what had occurred, and is now seeking to sue the company responsible for making the shuffling machines. The players are also in a bit of hot water, with the casino looking to get the money back. It’s anyone’s guess as to how that court case will go.

4.The Suitcase Man

The Suitcase Man is a story that lives in infamy, mostly because it demonstrates just how quickly fortunes can be lost and made in the casino environment. The story goes that a man walked into a casino in Las Vegas carrying two suitcases. One was loaded with cash, the other was empty. The mysterious figure opened his loaded briefcase and put every penny on the ‘don’t pass’ bet at a craps table. He won the bet, put the winnings into his two suitcases and left, not a single twitch of emotion registering on his face. If you think this story is too crazy to be true, guess again, it really happened. The story has been told and retold for years, and has likely inspired many to try the same stunt. If others have been as successful it’s unknown, but it sure takes some serious guts to be a Suitcase Man copycat, that’s for sure.

5.Nothing Is Impossible

The last story involves a man named Joseph Jagger who lived out his life in the 1800s. As an engineer by trade, Joseph had a theory about the nature of roulette wheels, and about how they might develop imperfections over the years. He and six friends sat in a casino in Monte Carlo and recorded the outcomes of a number of roulette tables, the results of which they used to develop an equation. The casino allowed him to do it. Using his equation Joseph managed to win a staggering $300,000 in a few days. In today’s money that would be roughly $5 million. How did he do it? Joseph learned that old roulette wheels tend to have biases, created by the wheel deteriorating with use. Clever man.

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