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The Top 5 Casinos in Macau

Get Lucky in the Gaming Mecca of Macau! Macau has gone from being not very well known to being the new Las Vegas of the East, and it’s done so in surprisingly small time period. While gambling in Macau has been legal since the 1800’s, the entire industry was under the monopoly of one company. However in 2002, the government legislation sold off two more gambling licenses, which enabled licence holders to build as many casinos as they want. One of these licences went to Steve Wynn, and with that the start of the international business began. Instead of Macau being limited to almost only Asian customers, the industry blossomed with foreign investment, and as of 2007 actually exceeded Las Vegas for gross revenue. Macau is now one of the biggest casino destinations in the world and stands alone in the East as a location where gambling is legal and celebrated. There are some spectacular casinos and hotels well worth visiting, but there are so many that it’s hard to decide where to go first. We have put together our top 5 casinos in Macau to make your choices a little easier.

Wynn Macau

Almost an exact twin to its sister in Las Vegas, the Wynn Macau is a gorgeous casino and hotel situated right in the centre of the gaming district in Macau. The Wynn is a popular location with high rollers as they have a huge variety of games, and include some very high stakes tables. Even the slot machines offer high stakes options, with the upper limits including slots for $5000 a pull. While the games alone are enough to draw people, the Wynn has upped the ante on their other attractions as well.  They have two major shows that take place throughout the day, one being a huge gold plated dragon, which emerges from the base of the rotunda with billowing smoke, and flashing red eyes. The other is large golden tree that appears to grow from the ground at regular intervals. These two shows alone demand a visit to the casino.

The Grand Lisboa

The Grand Lisboa is not a casino for huge entertainment or spectacular shows, but it certainly makes up for it in straight up, no nonsense Poker. The Poker room itself is well known, and is the location for all the biggest Poker tournaments in Asia. While the Lisboa may not be as classy as the Wynn Macau, it stands out as a location where several Western games made their debut in Macau, and visitors can enjoy a hand of Texas Hold’em or throw the dice on a Craps table. This is definitely a casino well worth a visit if you are a Poker fan.

The Sands Macau

The Sands Macau is one of the older of the foreign owned casinos, and has been around far longer than many of the more Westernised casinos. While the Sands has no sales gimmicks or any entertainment that stands out, it’s a great casino if all you want is a good game, and easy access. Situated right next to the ferry it’s easy to get to, and a great straightforward gambling location. That being said, while there, be sure to have a look at the legendary chandelier. Over 36 meters long and complete with almost 6000 light bulbs, it’s hard to miss and is truly spell binding!

The Venetian Macau

The Venetian hold the title of the biggest casino in the world, and it is truly spectacular. True to its name, the entire casino is decorated to give the visitor the impression they are walking down a beautiful boulevard next to a canal in Venice. Once satisfied with a bit of gaming, guests can take a trip down the canal on a gondola and visit one of the many fantastic restaurants, or even pop into the shopping centre that is contained within the complex. The Venetian is by far one of the most impressive casinos to visit.

Galaxy Rio Macau

This casino is not the family friendly trip to take your kids on, but stands out if part of the reason you travel is to get a great feel for the local culture. The Galaxy Rio looks like it hasn’t been updated since the 80’s and has a very rough and ready to feel to it. It has smaller rooms, but several of them, and a very popular nightclub for a boys night out. Because of the low stakes games, the Galaxy Rio is very popular with locals and it’s a great place to visit if you want to really get to know the men of Macau. No matter which of the casinos you choose to visit, you will be in for a great time in Macau. It’s definitely well worth a visit for any player, and is a bucket list gambling destination for sure.

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