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Top 5 African Countries You Need to Visit

Africa, once known as the Dark Continent, has been proven to be the original Motherland. Genetics show that every human being’s ancestry can be traced back to it, and if that doesn’t make it worthy of a visit, we don’t know what does! The continent is as brimming with potential now as it was when our earliest ancestors first crawled from the mud to reach for the stars. It is as vibrant, colourful, and spicy as its countless markets, and it awaits your discovery. If the idea of an African adventure sounds good to you, why not spin the Roulette wheel and see if you can land a big win? Then you can jet off to immerse yourself in the magic, mystery and marvels of the real Garden of Eden!


Algeria’s Sahara Desert Source: Pixabay One of the most affordable places to visit in the world, Algeria is dominated by the mighty Sahara Desert, where dunes can climb as high as 180m. The country was once part of the Roman Empire, so there are plenty of ruins to explore. What’s more, successive waves of migrations, invasions and colonialism mean the modern nation bears interesting traces of Berber, Arabic, French, and Spanish influence, especially in the capital, Algiers. Whether you love history or culture, or simply want to sink into the silence of wind, sand, and stars, Algeria has something for you.


Kenya’s National Park Source: Pixabay Like most of Africa, there is a lot more to Kenya than safaris in the savannah. Its bustling capital Nairobi is where old meets new in ways that are sure to surprise, if not astound you. Discover the country’s fascinating history, from its earliest days to its post-colonial present, by exploring the city. Along the way, you can browse markets, sample local cuisine, and take in the talented performances of buskers. If you feel like getting closer to Mother Nature, head off to Mount Longonot National Park, where you can hike up a dormant volcano for panoramic views you will never forget.


Lesotho Source: Pixabay The tiny mountain kingdom of Lesotho is almost hidden away in the mighty Drakensberg mountain range that stretches across South Africa. One of its most famous spots is Sani Pass on the border of the two countries – at 2874m, it is one of the highest passes in the world, and there is a pub at the top of it. If you can drag yourself away from its cosy hospitality for long enough, you’ll be able to soak up the majesty of the Sehlabathele National Park. A must-visit destination for nature lovers, Lesotho offers an array of hiking, horse riding, game viewing, mountain climbing, bird watching, and other options.

Reunion Island

Reunion Island Source: Pixabay Not too far off the East African coast is the tiny island of Reunion. Originally uninhabited, it was occupied by France, and is now an exciting melting pot of not only French, but Creole, African, Indian, and Chinese influences. Golden beaches and the warm waters of the Indian Ocean aside, the island also boasts numerous hiking trails, the Piton de la Fournaise volcano, and a vibrant cultural life. Whether you want a sporty, active vacation, or a week of doing nothing but sipping cocktails and snoozing on the beach, you are sure to love Reunion Island as much as we do.

South Africa

Cape Town’s Table Mountain Source: Pixabay Inhabited by various indigenous groups for millennia, the modern history of the country known today as South Africa began in the 17th century. The Dutch landed at the Cape of Good Hope, and planted a vegetable garden to serve as a replenishment station to ships on the Spice Route. Since then, Africa’s southernmost country has become famous for excellent wines, diamonds, and gold, as well as a turbulent political history that saw the rise and fall of Apartheid. Explore Cape Town’s Table Mountain, encounter the ancient magic of the Wild Coast, be amazed on game drives in the Kruger National Park, or feel the pulse of Johannesburg, the NYC of Africa.

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