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Top 3 Tips for Managing Your Bankroll

Experts and seasoned aficionados alike will tell you that one of the most important skills to have as an online casino player is the ability to effectively and efficiently manage your bankroll. There’s no use in blowing money you don’t have. or letting silly decisions negatively impact what you take home at the end of a playing session. Below, we’ve broken down the top five tips for managing your bankroll that you can use every single time you play online. Let’s have a look at what it takes to become a master bankroll manager.

1.Know What You Can Afford

While playing for money can be a thrilling venture, you need to realise that it can also be a costly one. By figuring out how much money you can comfortably part with, you are setting yourself up for success instead of failure. There’s nothing worse than ending the night at a loss, but knowing that you can still meet all of your financial responsibilities at the end of the month makes losing a little bit easier!

2.Divide and Conquer

Setting your budget is only half the battle. Splitting that bankroll up into gaming sessions will keep you from blowing through it too quickly. Say you have $1000 to play with for the month. If you spend five hundred of that in the first week, you’re going to have to make that last five hundred last a whopping 21 days! When you know how many sessions you’ll play in a month, it’s easy to give yourself a budget per session.

3.Separate Your Winnings and Deposits

The smart player knows how to get ahead. Set a goal for yourself. If you have $500 to play with and you want to win another $500, make sure you withdraw those winnings before you continue on with that session. This will guard you against losing your initial deposit money. Those winnings can then be applied to your next session to make your bankroll stretch and work for you. How much of the winnings you use to extend your bankroll is up to you, but think carefully before dumping the entire amount back into the playing pool. By knowing what you can afford to lose, separating your budget into individual playing sessions, and separating your deposits from your winnings, you’ll be a bankroll expert in no time!

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