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Tips For Live Dealer Blackjack

Tips For Live Dealer Blackjack Blackjack is regarded as one of the best casino games to play, in terms of house edge and player skill. A more experienced and skilful player will see a marked improvement in payouts, and can win more frequently than a less skilled player. The trick is, of course, getting good enough to take advantage of the system. This is no small feat, and professional players who have been engaged in blackjack for years often say that they are still not masters of the game. If you are looking to get better at live dealer blackjack, there are a few essential tips that you should keep in mind, which are the cornerstone of every professional blackjack player’s technique. Check out our list of essential tips that will help you get better at blackjack, and increase the chances of winning.

Play Safe

When playing live dealer blackjack, the first thing to take to heart is that there are no special prizes for playing dangerously. Some players tend to try and impress the dealer with their brazen risk, but this is certainly not the way a smart player approaches the game. Taking unnecessary risks may be thrilling, especially when they pay off. But the smart player knows that playing safe is the best way to leave the online casino with more in their pocket. If the situation does not call for it, do not hit. Sticking on a 17 is perfectly reasonable thing to do, and has a very good chance of beating the dealer. The chances of getting a card that will result in a hand of 21, without going bust are slim, and not worth risking. Brazen players may seem like they are living the exciting dangerous life as far as blackjack goes, but it is guaranteed that they are not living the more lucrative life. Play safe and watch your payouts increase dramatically.

Take Advantage Of The Ace

The ace is your best friend in blackjack, and a chance to take advantage of the ace should never be passed up. The dealer will announce that an ace has been dealt, and will verbally state both potential totals. There is a rule that states a player should always hit on a soft 17. That is to say, a 1 created with the ace being counted as 11, and not 1. Why is this? If the player hits on a soft 17 and goes beyond 21, the ace will then be counted as 1, saving the player from going bust. Essentially, the ace grants the player a chance at a risky move, but with the luxury of a safety net.

Get A Strategy

It should be obvious to anyone who has played blackjack for any length of time, but blackjack is a game that benefits greatly from having a strategy. There are countless strategies available online, all of which are extremely beneficial to you. It is not necessary to understand or grasp the complicated statistics or mathematics involved, only to follow a set strategy exactly as it is laid out. Get a strategy, test it out, and stick with it. When playing live dealer blackjack, print out your strategy and keep it handy, or at least keep it open in another window on you computer. Refer to it constantly. Most strategies will come with a chart that will dictate what should be done in the case of every possible hand. Following this chart is absolutely a smart thing to do. Although, of course, you may well mix your own intuition with the chart, assuming you are confident in your skills. The important thing is that you follow a strategy long enough to get a grasp on what it is trying to achieve.

Beat The Dealer

An interesting thing to keep in mind is that blackjack is not only about getting as close to 21 as possible. It’s more specially about getting closer to 21 than the dealer. This is something many will overlook, as they gun for 21 with all other factors disregarded. When following your strategy, pay close attention to what it says about the dealer’s hand. A good strategy guide takes into consideration what the dealer may get, as well as what the player hand consists of. Remember that sticking on 15 is still a winning hand, assuming that the dealer goes bust.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask

One of the benefits of live dealer games is that the croupier is on hand to answer questions, whatever they may be. If you have doubts or feelings about your hand, asking the croupier what they recommend is a perfectly legitimate thing to do. Your strategy guide will help you, your won skill will help you, and the croupier may also help you. Accepting help wherever it is available is a good way to improve your skills, learn more about the game, and get better at it.

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