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Tips For Live Dealer Roulette

Tips For Live Dealer Roulette Live dealer casino games are relatively new to the online casino scene, and are still largely only played by a smaller percentage of players. However, an increasing number of players are finding out that live dealer games really do offer something special and are enjoying these authentic and realistic alternatives to RNG online play. Additionally, as faster Internet speeds become more affordable and more accessible with each passing year, live dealer games also become more accessible to players. As of 2016 there are now more visitors to live dealer casinos than ever before, with the number expected to climb in the future. The result is that many players who have never visited a live dealer casino are venturing into unknown territory for the first time. Let’s have a look at a few essential tips for those who might be playing live dealer roulette, and are unfamiliar with the situation.

What Is Live Dealer Roulette

Traditional online roulette is a construction of complicated computer software. It simulates a roulette wheel using what is referred to as an RNG, or random number generator, but at no point ever requires a real roulette wheel or dealer. It is an effective way to offer roulette to online players, and many of the programs are acclaimed for the levels of professionalism and user friendly qualities they have implemented. Most online casino goers agree that this form of roulette is completely acceptable. Live dealer roulette is a great deal more expensive and difficult to implement. This is because the feed received by you, the player, is real time, meaning that the croupier is performing the game exactly as it is seen in the feed. Hence, a croupier must be employed, plus normally at least two cameramen, a technician to ensure there are no hitches, and a pit boss, who resolves any disputes that may arise. All this is backed by expensive and highly advanced computer equipment, which streams the information to players. It is no simple setup, and a great deal more involved than traditional online roulette.

Being Part Of A Live Game Experience

In order to participate in a live dealer game, you first need to create an account and have funds available. This is done exactly as it would be in traditional online roulette. Once an account is verified, you may now enter into a live dealer game. Firstly, keep in mind that live dealer roulette has maximum and minimum betting limits, as would be expected. Be sure to join a table that is affordable, taking into account how much you have available, and are willing to spend. Secondly, remember that the dealer is a real, professional croupier. He or she may be communicated with via the chat system, but it is considerate to do so only when it is necessary or required. The job of croupier is not an easy one, especially when being observed by dozens of players in a live broadcast situation. It is probably not the best idea to try starting a casual conversation. Thirdly, understand that live roulette works at its own natural pace. Traditional online roulette is controlled very specifically by you, since there are no other players and the game is completely private. Live roulette, on the other hand, cannot be rushed, fast forwarded, or pushed to go quicker in any way. When it is time to place bets, place your bets, when bets are closed, they are closed. You must be ready to submit to the natural pace of the game. This can be a difficult transition for some players, who are used to being able to make the process go faster at their will.

The Pit Boss

Since a live dealer operates live roulette, it means that there is a possibility that mistakes can be made, no matter how slim or rare the chance is. The croupier is human, and where humans are present there is always the chance of error. If a mistake should happen, first, be kind to the croupier. He or she is not infallible. Second, inform the pit boss, which will be an option during any live dealer game. The pit boss will stop the game, review the situation, and resolve the discrepancy as quickly as possible. If there is no pit boss, contact the casino’s support team and have a chat. It is important to keep in mind, however, that disrupting the flow of the game simply for hurt feelings is not in anyone’s best interest. Calling in the pit boss because you have lost a big bet is not going to change the original outcome, but it will annoy everyone involved in the game. Call on the pit boss only when it is absolutely necessary, and when you are certain that there has been an error. Calling on the pit boss for any other reason is simply considered rude behaviour, and will make the experience less enjoyable for the other players.

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