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Advice For Keeping Your Brain Active As You Age

man with ipad Source: Pixabay

Use the Latest Apps and Electronic Tools

There are all sorts of digital systems designed for elderly people that you can make use of these days. Apps like Fall Detector, Pill Reminder Pro and others can be downloaded onto your smartphone to help you with a wide range of age-related matters. In addition, apps like Words with Friends can be used to provide your brain with the stimulation it needs to keep in mint condition as you get older. Of course, puzzle and word games are just one way of keeping your brain active using your smart device. In addition, online casino games are a good way to train your brain and - what's more - they are fun, too! Poker, blackjack and even slot games are an excellent activity to keep ageing brains sharp, focused and agile.

Get Some Exercise

Any doctor will tell you that being physically fitter helps your brain to stay in better condition. Of course, your brain is a complex organ and not a muscle so doing a little work out will not have a direct effect as it would with your limbs, for instance. That said, the increased flow of blood around your whole body - including your brain - will have beneficial outcomes for cognition and problem solving. When you exercise - even if it something as simple as going for a short walk once a day - your brain releases endorphins and is stimulated when you work up even a mile sweat. There are many sorts of exercise regimes that are suited to older people which take into account the needs of people as they age. Not only can they make your brain fitter, they can improve your mood and even help to build self-confidence.

Stay Connected With Your Social Circle

friends Source: Pixabay Becoming socially withdrawn is well-known to be associated with mental decline. Simply put, the more we interact with one another, the better it is for our brains. So much of the brain is dedicated to language and communication. Of course, you can get these parts of the brain working by listening to the radio or watching TV. However, this is something of a one-way street and there is nothing like a real conversation with a bit of to-and-fro to really get your brain's grey cells working. Make time for friends and family to keep your brain healthy.

Lower Your Blood Pressure

If your blood pressure is high, then you need to do something about it if you want to minimise the risks from mental decline. Thankfully, doing more exercise and remaining social will help you to achieve a better blood pressure. Other important things to do include limiting the amount of alcohol you consume. If you are a teetotaller already, then you could look at ways of reducing stress and any excess weight you might be carrying. With a healthier blood pressure, you are better placed to enjoy a fully active brain as you age for much longer.

Improve Your Diet

healthy breakfast Source: Pixabay Too many bad things in your diet are not just negative for your general health, they will cause problems for your brain. Conversely, consuming healthier foods, such as fruit, vegetables and nuts mean that you are much are less likely to suffer from cognitive impairment and dementia as you age. Indeed, unsaturated oils and fish are known to contain proteins which help to promote a healthy brain and can even help them to recover. Avoid drinking too much caffeine by limiting your tea and coffee intake. Of course, you don't need to make wholesale changes to your diet in order to help your brain stay active. A few adjustments that are maintained over the long-term are often all that is needed for an otherwise healthy person to keep their brain in good condition as they enter older age.
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