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The World’s Most Alluring Restaurants Lead You On Exciting Culinary Adventures

Tired of the same old restaurant? Try one of these eight intriguing restaurants from around the world. If you can’t hop a plane, read on and stir your imagination.

Top of the World Restaurant, Las Vegas

Rudy Fortune: Restaurant table overlooking the city Source: Stratosphere Hotel & Casino The Top of the World Restaurant lets you soak up the glow of the Las Vegas Strip, while you dine on filet mignon or lobster thermidor 844 feet in the air. Located in the STRAT Hotel, Casino, and SkyPod, the Top of the World is the only revolving restaurant in the city. This award-winning establishment has also been named one of the world’s most romantic restaurants by Sensational panoramic views and proposal packages make asking the big question the most memorable night of your life. While playing the Ruby Fortune Online Casino may not offer the same stunning view, you may win enough money to get the chance to visit this exceptional location.

Insects in the Backyard, Thailand

Ruby Fortune: Insects in a bowl Source: Bloomberg If insects don’t bug you, consider eating them at this Thailand restaurant. While many cultures around the world eat insects (and have for centuries), Insects in the Backyard sees insects as the wave of the foodie future. This restaurant is Thailand’s first edible insect fine-dining experience. Chef Mai Thitiwat has combined his passion for food and his fascination with insects to create a colourful, incredibly tasty and healthy menu. Whimsically plaited among leafy greens, ox tongue, tortellini, tiramisu, and other delicacies these high-protein, super food insects are the stars of most dishes.

The Labassin Waterfall Restaurant, Philippines

Ruby Fortune: People dining beside a waterfall Source: @jespanola_travel Although many restaurants with an underwater or aquarium theme populate the globe, the Labassin Waterfall Restaurant takes aquatic dining to the next level. This one-of-a-kind restaurant allows guests to dine right inside a waterfall. Located amidst the Villa Escudero Plantations and Resort, the waterfall is formed by the Labassin Dam. The restaurant specializes in serving seafood on bamboo tables, giving you a cooling and unique experience. Jungle birds and performances by local musicians and dancers influence this pocket of paradise.

Chillout Ice Lounge, Dubai

Room with ice sculptures and lights Source: Switch gears from waterfalls to dining beneath frozen stalactites in Dubai. Known as the first ice lounge in the Middle East, the Chillout Ice Lounge opened in 2007 and underwent major renovations in 2014. Today, the lounge is intriguing and very cold with ice sculptures, ice block seating and tables, and an incandescent atmosphere. To counter the subzero ambient temperature, the lounge serves hot soups, sandwiches, hot chocolate, coffee, tea, deserts, and mock-tails. The lounge also prides itself on innovative refrigeration, lighting, and architecture that features ice, glass, and steel.

‘S Baggers Restaurant, Nuremberg

Ruby Fortune: dining under mini rollercoaster Source: Located in Nuremberg, ‘S Baggers set the bar for creative dining. The first of its kind, the food was delivered to customers via an intricate rollercoaster system. While the Nuremberg location is currently closed, the facility is used as a training site for similar restaurants in Hamburg, Dresden, and other cities. Although we can’t enjoy the original design, we can imagine it. Customers would order food using a touchscreen system (no waiters). Then, they would watch their dinners come gliding down along the rails. A center column provided fast-track service, where the occasional container would loop upside-down.

Cat Café Nekorobi, Tokyo

People playing with cats in room Source: Pixabay If you love cats, you will love the Cat Café Nekorobi in Tokyo, Japan. Whether you are craving cat time or need pet therapy while visiting Tokyo, twelve cuddly kitties are waiting for you to pet and play with them. They offer half-hour, hourly, weekday, or weekend rates. They also provide you with cat toys, wi-fi, books, a Wii, computer, and a vending machine to make yourself at home. After paying the fee, everything in the room is free to use during your stay.

Dans Le Noir, London

Ruby Fortune: Dining in darkness Source: The Takeout Prepare your taste buds and senses for an enlightening experience at Dans Le Noir in London, England. Served and hosted by visually-impaired staff, guests dine in pitch darkness to challenge their preconceived notions of life and socializing. By disabling sight, we can rediscover the power of our other senses. Discovering food through only taste, smell, and texture challenges the boundaries of normalcy. This experience also opens up new frontiers of humanity, empathy, and self-discovery. Who knows the benefits it could unleash? After dining at Dans Le Noir, you should also be able to ace Ellen’s “Taste Bud’s” game.

El Diablo, Las Palmas

Ruby Fortune: Volcano grill with cooking food Source: viviSail On the isle of Lanzarote in Las Palmas, Spain, a restaurant is cooking up decadent cuisine on one of the most innovative grills imaginable: a volcano. Dormant since 1824, this volcano peacefully produces heat at 400 degrees Celsius to perfectly sear and grill meats and other menu items. Architects Eduardo Caceres and Jesus Soto laid down nine layers of basalt rock to begin building the restaurant. Then, they placed a giant grill across the opening. Combined with drool-worthy menu items, the view of Lanzarote’s Timanfaya National Park is exhilarating.

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