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The Most Expensive Food Money Can Buy

Most Expensive Food Source: Pixabay Food, glorious food, is some of the priciest stuff on which the rich and famous can spend their money. Whether they fancy themselves a dab hand in the kitchen, get a personal chef to do all the hard work, or indulge in expensive edibles at restaurants in far-flung locations, there is plenty from which to choose. The world’s most expensive delectable comestibles may last a moment on the lips, but in the age of personal trainers, surgery, and liposuction, there is none of that nonsense about a lifetime on the hips. Prepare to be dazzled, and not least by the wings.

Foodgod 24K Gold Buffalo Wings

It really ought to come as no surprise to find out that long-time Kim Kardashian collaborator Jonathan Cheban is behind the Ainsworth restaurant chain’s Foodgod 24K Gold Buffalo Wings. Available in platters of 10, 20, or 50 portions for US$45 – US$1000, the dish is essentially gold-plated fried chicken. The largest of the platters is served with a magnum of champagne. After being soaked in brine for 24 hours, the wings are dredged in flour combined with gold dust, and fried. Smothered in golden coconut butter, the wings are then drenched with a honey chipotle sauce, and served with a sprinkling of more gold dust, as well as a blob of blue cheese sauce.

Pizza Royale 007

If you ever win a massive Roulette jackpot or are feeling really flush with cash, you can indulge in a pizza of which a high-rolling Bond villain would be proud of at Scotland’s Bella Napoli. The US$4200 Pizza Royale 007 is topped with smoked salmon, cognac-marinated lobster, champagne-soaked caviar, medallions of venison, best-quality prosciutto, aged balsamic vinegar, and flakes of gold. There is no need to despair if you cannot wait for a win so you can afford the flight to Scotland and the restaurant bill. You could probably achieve a similar of you order in a surf ‘n turf from the local pizzeria, and sprinkle a few drops of your favourite tipple and some edible gold glitter on it before tucking in.

Wagyu Beef Steaks

Wagyu Beef Steaks Source: Pixabay A favourite of gourmands the world over, Wagyu beef steaks are a perfectly pricey menu option for those who can afford it. Farmed for their meat exclusively in Japan, bull calves are treated to a life of luxury. Farmers swear that the soft texture, enticing aroma, and beautiful marbling is due to the calves being treated to beer, massages, and classical music. 1kg of meat can cost US$450 or more, and that is before the chefs get hold of it.

The Douche Burger

Available for US$666 from 666 Burger in New York City, USA (where else?), the Douche Burger is not only one of the world’s costliest menu items, it is also one of the most aptly-named. The burger is comprised of a gold leaf-encased Kobe beef patty topped with lobster, foie gras, caviar, truffles, champagne-steamed Gruyere, and a BBQ sauce made with kopi luwak. Kobe beef is one of the most expensive foods in the world, while kopi luwak is the priciest coffee money can buy. It is produced in Indonesia using coffee beans picked out of civet poo. Yum.

Moose Milk Cheese

Moose Milk Cheese Source: Pixabay France may be the world’s cheese capital, but it is not the home of the all the most expensive cheeses. One of the other countries to share the honour of dear dairy products is Sweden. Moose House Farm is the world’s only producer of moose milk cheese. It looks a bit like feta, but the similarity ends there. The unique Swedish treat costs slightly more than US$1000 per kilogram. If ever there were reasons to dream of being rich and famous, this must be one of the best. Hungry? Better dig your hands deep into your pockets to fork out for some of these somewhat debatably delectable dishes!

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