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Technology Trends In 2017

It’s no secret that technology is advancing at a blistering pace. So much so, in fact, that many struggle to keep up with the latest and greatest gadgets. It seems like a fancy new piece of digital wonder is popping up on the scene every other week, only to be overshadowed by something even more impressive. It really does make one wonder what the future will hold. 2017 has been as interesting a year for technology as any other, and we are not even close to the end of the year yet. Still, enough has gone on that we can take a proper look at the amazing things that have been released upon the world, and discuss where the future of technology is headed. Here are a few of the more interesting technology trends that are occurring in 2017.

Digital Worlds In VR

By far the most profound thing to occur in digital technology as of late is virtual reality (VR). Yes, VR already made a brief appearance a few years ago, but the digital resources of computers back then could hardly make it a compelling advancement. Now, of course, with computers more powerful than they have ever been, VR has arrived in its full, usable glory. This year has seen VR creep into almost every aspect of our current technology world, including games, movies and even the educational scene. A full crop of VR compatible games have been released on PCs and the PlayStation console, and word is spreading fast about how amazing the results are. If anything, it seems that VR has only one way to go: up. Many online casinos are already saying that they intend on fully embracing VR, which means it wont be long until everyone can play online roulette on the moon, or wherever else VR online casinos intend on taking us. We can’t wait!

Smartwatches Galore

Smartwatches are some of the wearable technology that has been widely embraced. With Google Glass a resounding failure, many thought that the wearable technology scene had failed before it had even started. But, there are a few smartwatch models that have really taken off. Both Apple and Samsung have consistently been releasing better, more refined models, and the public has responded favourably. Smartwatches are still not exactly seen on every arm in the world, but there are enough adopters to allow the smartwatch industry to start blossoming in earnest. It stands to reason, of course, that the technology will continue to advance, and perhaps someday soon even begin to replace more conventional smartphones.

The Mobile Craze Continues

Technology Trends In 2017 Mobile phones, smartphones in particular, have been going from strength to strength since their explosion onto the technology scene a decade ago. Faster, more powerful models have been released yearly, and this trend shows no sign of slowing down. The two major competitors, Apple and Samsung, have been bashing away at one another with yearly smartphone releases, and 2017 saw the continuation of this trend. A new model arrived from both companies, and the predictable argument about which was better continued. We certainly won’t give our opinions as to which of the two major smartphone releases was better, but we will say that it is certainly interesting as to how the smartphone designs can keep getting better, without finally plateauing. It seems like smartphones can only get so good before being unable to get significantly better. At least, not without some major leaps in smartphone technology. As to what the new releases will look like in 2018 remains to be seen.

Gamer’s Paradise

Another industry that keeps flying along at the speed of light is the video game industry, and 2017 saw both Sony and Microsoft looking to step the gaming industry into a new generation. Sony released the PlayStation Pro, the next step up from the PlayStation 4, which was well received, although not a major leap forward as far as technology is concerned. Microsoft, as of mid 2017, announced their new addition to the console market, the loosely named Xbox Scorpio. Although not currently available to the public, the specifications of the console are only vaguely known, but seem to be somewhat more powerful than the PlayStation Pro. Either way, the gaming industry keeps moving forward, and video games keep getting substantially better. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that 2018 will see it advance even further.

Online Casinos And Games

Rapidly becoming a huge industry, online casinos have been advancing at an astonishing pace. We already mentioned that many online casinos are aiming to adopt VR in the future, and many have already been gearing up to do so over the course of 2017. Online casino games have been getting substantially better, offering amazing graphics and interactivity. If anything, the online casino industry may see the most advancement in the coming years, and we can’t wait to see how it all turns out.

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