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Why Table Games Were A Man’s Domain

Online Table Games For many centuries, a silent battle has been fought between men and women. Some consider the two sexes and their interests to be completely different territory, from their hobbies and professions right down to the casino games they prefer – and up until recently, casino table games in particular were thought to be exclusively a man’s domain. But why were table games thought to be a game for men for so many years? For decades, studies have shown that women tend to prefer slot machines and bingo, while men can most often be found on the casino floor at the tables. This feeds into the old adage of slot machines being more suited to women than their ‘smarter’ male counterparts, as slots were easy to play and to understand, and offered no complex rules or in-game bets.

Equal in Every Winning Way

Of course, any woman today would be horrified to be considered less intelligent than a man when it comes to playing her favorite casino games – but years ago, sexism in the casino industry was far more pronounced. Table games like craps, poker and baccarat were often held in dodgy locations back in the day too, and it was considered inappropriate and unladylike for a woman to be seen in a gambling parlour or a smoky salon privé. Oh, how times have changed! Table games were considered to be games of men for years largely because of traditional gender roles. Women were expected to stay at home, running a tight ship and looking after the family, while in most cases it was the men who had access to the family’s funds and were welcome to enjoy a night of poker with their buddies.

Splitting the Divide

Luckily for the fairer sex, things are definitely changing in the casino industry – although it still has a long way to go. And while the psychology of gambling suggests that men tend to prefer games that satisfy their need for thrill (think craps, poker, roulette or baccarat), women have been seen to be just as drawn to the tables in recent years as this stigma fades. Modern studies are showing an almost perfect 50/50 gender share in online casinos, with slots that were targeted at a male audience like comic book-themed games actually attracting just as many female players. The gaming industry is quickly recognizing that their female players are just as important as their traditional male target market, and are subsequently offering much more than fly-by-the-wire, pink-splashed ‘women’s versions’ of their websites.

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