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Strange Things Jackpot Winners Have Done

Strange Things Jackpot Winners Have Done Winning a massive casino or lottery jackpot is every player’s biggest dream. After all, winning a few million bucks can open up a world of possibilities you had never even considered! Many winners choose to spend their fortunes on the usual sports cars or massive mansions, but there are many other winners who have chosen to do slightly more unexpected things with their cash. Find out more about some of the strangest things jackpot winners have done with their fortunes below.

Faking a Violent Burglary

Austrian player Josef Reiner visited a Vienna casino and won a substantial sum of money. Unfortunately, the newly made winner quickly played away his winnings, leaving with a massive loss instead. Afraid to admit this to his wife, Reiner decided instead to fake an elaborate robbery. He even seriously injured himself to substantiate his claims, breaking his jaw, nose and arm in the process! Sadly for the ex-jackpot winner, Reiner’s wife managed to extract the truth out of him only a few days later.

Luxury Car Drag Racing

Michael Carrol became a big jackpot winner back in 2002 in England. The new winner started out spending his money on predictable luxuries like mansions and sports cars – and it only got stranger from there. Carrol soon demolished the back yards of his mansions to hold drag races for his many cars, including demolition derbies. It wasn’t long before the jackpot winner played out all his money and ended up in jail...

Losing Their Luck

Ian Galtress is a UK engineer who may take the prize for the unluckiest winner ever. Galtress did indeed win a £1 million lottery ticket, but he wasn’t able to claim it as he had lost his ticket! The would-be winner knew that his ticket was the lucky winner as he has bought one for his girlfriend that was only a digit away. Sadly, the winning ticket was never found, making Galtress both lucky and extremely unlucky.

Giving It All Away

When 52-year old shop owner Janite Lee won a whopping 18 million dollar jackpot in 1993, she thought she had it made for life. However, the new millionaire’s fortune disappeared entirely within a few years. How did it happen? Lee embarked on a philanthropic mission, spending millions on education programmes and community welfare, making her one of the strangest - but definitely the most generous - winners on this list!

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