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Social Media Impact On Casino Marketing

Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are changing the world. The size they have grown, plus the utterly profound number of people using them on a daily basis, all but defies anything that has come before it. As yourself how information was spread prior to social media, do a comparison, and accept that we are living in an incredible science fiction future. One that allows people to know about news and current events so quickly it may as well be instantaneous. There are, of course, many pros and cons to this situation, not in the least that a person can spread false information, or information designed to push a political agenda, and have it circulate the world faster than ever before. But, on the pro side, social media has also opened up streams of positive communication, and desirable marketing avenues. If, for example, a person is interested in what is happening in the online casino world, they can allow that information to reach them as soon as it becomes available. In fact, as far as marketing is concerned, social media is all but the most perfect way to make customers aware of products. Lets take a more focused look at how social media has impacted online casino marketing, both positively and negatively.

Focused Marketing

Prior to social media, the only way to market online was to put out massive amounts of advertising, and hope that that advertising found the desired customer. It was effective to some degree, but did not have the success ratio many desired. The result was that some success was seen, but that there was also certainly room for improvement. When social media was born and exploded onto the Internet like a tsunami, something very important happened. Those who were interested in certain industries or cultures willingly grouped themselves online in an extremely accessible way. In other words; finding the desired audience had never been easier, for those looking to market their business or product. An online casino need simply locate the assembled groups interested in casino games online, and they would have a direct line of communication to an already-engaged audience. The social media anomaly made marketing easier than it had ever been, opening a number of new marketing opportunities.

Social Media Is A Two Way Street

But social media is also a two way street, which brings with it certain negative consequences that companies and businesses are forced to deal with. On a platform like Facebook an entity is open to feedback from customers, which can be a very useful and positive thing. But can also hold negative consequences that are capable of damaging a brand name. For example, a disgruntled or unhappy customer can easily voice their dissatisfaction to a broad, listening audience. This may be good for the customer, who can be made aware of poor service, or other failures on the part of that company, but the damaging effect can be massively blown out of proportion, given the nature of social media platforms. Or to put it another way, a very verbal customer with a grudge can damage a brand, for a reason not deserving of such massive negative publicity. It is, of course, possible for companies to regulate their own online real estate, but social media is a broad platform, which is part of the reason that social media is so appealing in the first place. It’s a risk that companies must deal with, if intending on using the marketing power of a social media platform.

Two Way Can Be Positive

On the other hand, the two way street situation of a social media platform can also help companies refine and further focus their marketing campaigns. Since an audience is able to easily make comments or express a reaction to a marketing campaign, that feedback can ultimately be very useful, assuming that an online entity is capable of responding quickly to feedback. A company skilled at evolving with user feedback could easily and quickly create an incredibly focused marketing campaign, and given the free flow of information available by social media platforms, the process could be more focused and speedy than ever before possible. The process would still require adaptability on an unprecedented level, but companies familiar with how social media works are well capable of doing so.

Social Media Evolution

Given that social media is still so new, and evolving as time passes, there is likely still much that will change in the near future, with social media platforms further growing, perhaps shrinking, or even new platforms emerging. Companies with skilled online marketing teams will surely evolve as social media does, but where social media will be in ten years is anyone’s guess. That remains to be seen, and for marketing campaigns to adjust to as it happens.

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