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Social Casinos Prepare You For Real Gambling?

social casinoI feel that if you want to get into real money online casino games, and have the intention of taking it seriously, there should be an entrance exam. I’m not joking, I actually think that’s a smashing idea. The exam would involve questions such as; I walk away from the game when (blank.) With the obvious answer being ‘when I’m ahead.’ I make sure I meet the (blank) of every bonus I claim. That’s wagering requirements if you didn’t know. And, should a person fail that entrance exam, they should be presented with an image of a frowning teacher, perhaps with her arms crossed and a ruler clenched in one hand. The words ‘Go study’ might accompany the image, just to hammer the message home. If it’s not already clear, I think many still approach serious online gaming a bit too casually. Of course if your intention is just to go throw down a few fun bets, get a few laughs, and head on your way, that’s all good. But if you want to step into the big leagues, where people wear sunglasses indoors unironically, I’m telling you now that some serious preparation is required. But, I thought to myself, what would the best possible way be to prepare people for serious online gaming?

Social Casinos – Wild West Of The Online

Reading up on casino games is all good and well, and I highly recommend it. There is a metric ton of books on the subject, and virtually all have something important to teach. But I also firmly believe that there is no substitute for hands -on practice. Now, many online casinos offer demo versions of their games, which is certainly good practice. But there is one other form of online gaming that I think can be considered a sort of trial by fire. Social online casinos. Facebook has a number of social casino applications, some of which attract over 5 million users a month. But what exactly is the deal with social casinos, I hear you asking? What are 5 million people actually DOING there? Well, it’s much like a normal casino, but sort of like if you flung the doors open and handed everyone who cared to enter a handful of starting money, for free. Yes, every random person is free to enter, be they a high-powered lawyer or a street sweeper with bad BO. No one can smell your cologne in a social casino. And they all get starting cash up front. Let that image sink in for a bit, and imagine the potential chaos. It’s sort of like the untamed Wild West of the online casino world. Which is to say; people tend to go a bit batty. Did I say tend to go a bit batty? What I meant to say is that people go absolutely, positively, bonkers. And why shouldn’t they? The money was free, after all.

Trial By Fire

So imagine your wise old casino game mentor, perchance with bushy white eyebrows, tasking you with questing out into the untamed wild-lands of the social casino realm. He knows what chaos awaits you, but also knows it will forge you into the steel that is required to be effective in real money casinos. It’s a messy, confusing task, but also one that happens to be a great deal of fun. So yes, there is no better way to get experience with online casino games than heading into a social casino. Many, or even most of the players in social casino, aren’t even there to play casino games. Or at least, had no intention of playing casino games until someone flung the doors open, and declared that there was a free for all. But how does all of this benefit you? Very simple; easy pickings, and good practice.

Personal Experience

I played online poker on a Facebook Poker application for about a month. And, let me tell you, I sure did have some crazy, interesting, and educational times. I came across players who were, for lack of a better term, unbearable donkey’s rear-ends. And contrastingly, people who were a complete delight. But let us never loose focus on what the point of the exercise is. And it is not to make friends. Friends are for the weak. And we’re here to forge our minds bodies into online casino game steel. I joke, of course, there is plenty of potential to make friends, and there is no doubt you will make a friend or two. It is, after all, called a social casino. My personal experience was that the social poker casino did an absolutely sterling job of throwing impracticable situations into my face, and forcing me to deal with them. Is this person going all in because they just don’t care, or because they really have something? It was a serious workout for my brain, and truly a great way to master my poker playing. Highly recommended for those who are looking to hone their skills for free and perhaps make friends with Lynda in China who has a pet snake, or Bjorn in Brussels who likes to wear lipstick. 

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