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Smash Hit Gambling Movies

Gambling and movies is a match made in heaven, with each complimenting one another perfectly. Given that casino games are so tense and nail baiting by their nature, they are the perfect ingredients to turn a movies excitement dial up to 10. It makes sense, therefore, that there are a great many movies that feature gambling as primary plot device. Here are some of the most popular and famous movies to feature gambling. Although this type of list seems t crop up quite often we want everyone to know about these films, as they really were smash his and deserve a mention. If you haven’t seen on of the movies listed below, and you love casino games, be sure to check these gems out the next time you’re looking for something to watch.

The Sting

The Sting is a movie that couldn’t get enough praise when it first came out, receiving a number of awards, including best picture in 1974. The story revolves around two grifters, or con men, which get caught up in an elaborate plan of revenge after a good friend is murdered.  The twisting, enthralling plot takes the two characters through various entertaining and elaborate schemes, most evolving cheating at casino games, until eventually bringing them to the ultimate con; a plan to steal an enormous sum of cash from their sworn nemesis. Featuring Paul Newman and Robert Redford, the film is not just a must see event for fans of casino games, but a must see event for virtually anyone who enjoys good films. It might be a bit dated in some aspects by modern standards, but is still an excellent movie that will take viewers on an emotional roller coaster.

Casino Royale

A much more recent film, and more action packed than The Sting, Casino Royale saw James Bond return to his roots. That is to say; return to being what James Bond was originally about, prior to him becoming a wise cracking womaniser in his film adaptations. The life of a spy is not easy, and will certainly not have much room for wacky one liners; Casino Royale was quick to remind viewers of this. The film is centred on a high stakes game of poker, with Bond having to make a good performance with his card playing skills, lest the world come to a rather untimely end. The movie has plenty of action, loads of twists and turns, plus a new Bond in the form of the dashing Daniel Craig. Fans of the Bond franchise will certainly enjoy the bombastic film, and those who like a good poker game will also have something to look forward to. A highly recommended modern James Bond adaptation.


Perhaps not in the same arena as the other films on this list, at least in terms of tone, Casino is said by many to be one of the best movies based around casinos, and casino games, in film history. Featuring the immortal Robert De Nero, the movie takes an unflinching look at the life of a casino owner in Vegas. The movie is harsh, often horrifying, and certainly doesn’t pull any punches. Some who have only ever played roulette online may find the brutal realism off-putting, but hard reality is what the movie is all about. You may want to be sure the kids are in bed for this one, but for those who can handle it Casino is an incredibly well made and impressive piece of cinema. Few can manage “gritty” like director Martin Scorsese, and Casino is one of his best works to date. Highly recommended for those who are willing to take a walk on the wild side.

The Hangover

Turning away from gritty realism, and focusing more on slapstick, often gross out humour, The Hangover is all about making you laugh like you’ve never laughed before. The movie takes place in Vegas, revolving around a group of friends who wake up in a hotel room, with no idea what occurred the night before. They go on a mission to find out what happened, and where their missing friend is, and the results are predictably hilarious. Another movie where you’ll want to make sure the kids are in bed, but more because of naughty adult themes than any outrageous violence. One of the key scenes features a character raking in the loot at the gambling tables, and although perhaps not overly realistic in terms of winning odds, is still an excellent scene for fans of casino games. The film is still an all round good time, and a the perfect way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon. Be sure to check out the cameo appearance from legendary boxer Mike Tyson, who apparently has a pet tiger. Or, at least he does as far as this film is concerned. Who would have guessed?

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