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Why Slots Are a World Favourite

slots world favouriteWhy Slots Are a World Favourite

Visit casinos, pubs, gaming halls and other venues in various countries around the world, and you will find slot machines. They are among the youngest casino games to be created, but are the most popular of them all. You probably think that we are stating the obvious, but do you know how popular slots really are? We look at why these simple games are the first choice of millions of players.

Slots Around The Globe

  • 4 of the 5 countries with the highest number of slot machines in the world are in the west. Japan, however, has more than 4.5 million slots, which means there are 28 people to 1 machine.
  • Next on the list is the United States of America, which has almost 900 000 slots. This works out to 357 people to 1 machine.
  • Italy has slightly less than half that number. The country’s 412 252 slots means there is 1 machine to every 145 people.
  • Germany has 265 000 slots, or 1 machine for every 304 people, while Spain has just under 250 000 slots, or 1 machine for every 187 people.
  • They might not be in the top 5 countries, but Australia and the United Kingdom also have the reputation of being slots-loving countries. Even Macau, where card and table games are king, has more than a few casinos in which players can find hundreds, if not thousands, of slots.

Why Players Love Slots

The main reason players around the world are drawn to online and offline slots is because they are exciting games to play. There is a whole lot of action to be had for very little effort on your part. Every spin of the reels could pay out fantastic winnings, with jackpots that run into millions among them. In fact, we would be surprised if players didn’t love slot machines. Another reason slots are so popular is that they allow for a social gaming experience. Many players visit casinos with their friends for a fun night out. The simplicity of playing slots means they can still chat to one another without worrying about losing track of the game. Millions of players also turn to slots as a way to relax and unwind, precisely because the gameplay is uncomplicated and repetitive. Our Online Slots Page has information about the great games you can play with us.

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