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How Slots Made Me A Better Budgeter

casino budgetingIf you put me in a room with a suitcase containing a hundred thousand dollars, and a computer with an Internet connection, there is only one outcome that is all but guaranteed. In ten minutes the suitcase would be empty, and I’d have made a whopping deposit at my favourite online casino. Or at least that was the guaranteed outcome before I started to learn the incredible art of budgeting. A strange, mystical art that apparently other people are capable of doing via some sort of built in human instinct. I, on the other hand, had to learn this strange magic via the teaching skills of online slot games. Yes, and you thought they were only good for forking over jackpots.

Playing Slot Games Like a Noob

I generally play slot games for their stress relief qualities, and I’m sure many reading this do the same. Online slots games are so gloriously well made, with rich, colourful graphics and enchanting soundtracks, that simply spinning the reels and letting the sparkly goodness happen to my face is all I really need. I can lose myself in such a way, and sometimes look up and wonder why the birds are chirping outside. As too how much I won during these sessions really was secondary. I simply played the lowest betting amount I could on the cheapest game, and anything I came out with on the other side was just an added bonus. There was an occasion not so long ago, however, when a strange new thought occurred to me. What if I actually played the game with the intention of winning? And not just winning, but winning as much as possible?

Playing Slot Games Like A Pro

With this in mind I began to carefully budget out my playing funds. I worked out how many spins I had remaining with only one betting line open, and with all betting lines open. Then, attempted to play with all betting lines open only when my budget allowed. Upon my bank balance getting low I switched down to the lower betting amounts until a win occurred, then switched back up. Yes, not exactly the budgeting work of a financial genius, I’m well aware, but I had never played slot games this way before. And, wouldn’t you know it, I landed up engrossed in the experiment for over an hour. I can confirm that it was difficult to tell if I really was doing any better than I previously would have, given the random nature of slot games. Either way, the exercise certainly had me doing a great deal more mathematics than I willingly normally do. You may or may not know this, but my mathematics skills are on an equivalent level of that slow kid in grade school that used to eat glue. Which is to say; not very good at all. On this occasion, however, that particular slot game can proudly declare that it brought my calculator and me closer together than we ever had been before.

Budgeting Is Essential

I probably don’t have to tell you this, given that you are an incredibly smart person, but budgeting when playing casino games is extremely important. In the case of cheap slot games I let my budgeting slide for the sake of enjoyment, but in other casino games I really do pay attention to how much I’m spending, and what my spending limits are. Casino games, by their very nature, require that players have a good sense of their finances at all times. In fact, it is probably the single most important aspect of getting better at casino games. I tell everyone that online casino games are available for demo play in the case of wanting to practice. Real money games are where you go when you feel you’ve practised enough.

Quit While You’re Ahead

So as a parting thought; practising your favourite casino games with demo play is good, but there is one more budgeting rule that stands above all others; knowing when to walk away. Or, to be more specific, quitting while you’re ahead. It can never be said too many times, so I’ll say it again; quitting while you’re ahead is the trick that every casino game player will learn at some point, and realise that it is the key to having more cash in one’s pocket. It is the ultimate budgeting trick, and what separates the casino game noobs from the pros. And just to clear up something I said earlier; me and that suitcase of one hundred thousand dollars would get along a great deal better these days. Having learnt how to budget, I’d now bury the suitcase in my back garden, as any smart person would. What thief would think to look there? 

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