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Simple Ideas For A Casino Themed Party

Hosting your own casino themed party can be an exciting and rewarding evening. If you are planning a Casino themed party, you probably already have some idea of where you will get the games themselves, but what about food and decor? Creating an inviting and exciting atmosphere is essential to get people in the right mind set. It is also important to remember that games like poker can carry on for quite some time so some tasty and filling snacks are very important.

What To Eat And Drink

It is always tough to decide whether to make a large meal for your guests or simply have them fill up on finger food. A selection of finger foods can often lead to a lot of mess and creasy or sticky fingers all over the games. There is nothing worse than finding out that everybody has a tell because the Ace of Spades has ketchup on it. Drinks are the simplest, you should know by know what your friends drink. Make sure on the evening to have plenty of napkins, ideally some wet wipes or a bowl with lemon and water so that there are no greasy hands!

The Practicalities Of Snacks

Finger foods are always very popular. There are many recipes to try that usually require little time and effort. A good idea is to have some substantial finger foods as well so that if people are really hungry they can satisfy their cravings with some chicken wings, mini burgers or some vegetable Kofta balls. For a simple dessert/ sweet treat, cut some sponge or other cake into squares, dip in either white chocolate or red fondant and make tiny dice. You can use a similar idea to colour and decorate scoops of ice cream to look like round dice. To make you food and drinks pop even more, remember that decorations can go a long way in creating a great atmosphere. Hang up some fairy lights, get something sparkly or borrow a mirror ball. Almost everyone’s image of Vegas involves glitter in some form or another.

Set The Scene And Build Anticipation

A great way to get your casino party started is by making some cool looking invitations. This is a great way to build excitement and get your players amped. You can offer some prizes for the player who ends the night with the biggest winnings. You can also have a themed party, for instance the guys can dress like an international spy aka James Bond, or you can hand out bowties and the door to make a fun formal atmosphere. Another handy tip is to take into considerations guests that may not have much experience with casino games. It may be handy to print out for instance, poker hands, so that everyone can join in and have a great time. At the end of the day, whether a party is a birthday or a fancy Casino themed shindig, making a little bit of effort goes a long way. A casino themed party has so many elements you can draw inspiration from.  Las Vegas alone has a plethora of themed casinos and iconic imagery you can plunder for your party. You can even go a more exotic route and try recreating the famous gambling halls of Macau and giving your party an exotic oriental twist. Whatever your direction, have as much fun putting it together as people will have playing at your tables. A Casino themed party should be fun and exciting. You never know how the night will end up.

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