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Simple and Easy Online Keno Tips

Online Keno is a popular lottery-style game. You pick a set of numbers out of a possible 80 and the payout from this is determined by the percentage of numbers you guessed correctly. Right off the bat, Keno has quite tough odds to face, so following some basic tips will help your game immensely.

Top Tips

  • Play the same numbers

Just like with a standard lottery, pick a set of your favourite numbers. If you have numbers that make you feel lucky, use them. The odds for any one number to be drawn are exactly equal to all the others so you may as well stick with your favourites.
  • Set up a budget and stick to it

This is the best tip and technically the only one you need. Play smart and play within your means. Ignore your gut feelings and always employ reason when wagering.
  • Pick fewer numbers

Since you get paid according to how many numbers you chose correctly, it can be more sensible to pick a smaller group of numbers. Think about it, it’s easier to pick two correct numbers in a group of three than it is to pick 5 correct numbers from a group of 10. It basically comes down to the classic casino concept of weighing up risk against reward.

Tips To Avoid

These tips can be found all over the internet and the second best tip I can give you is to avoid all these tips.
  • Play consecutive numbers

There are players that swear picking consecutive numbers is a great strategy to cover many bases but this in fact will decrease your odds. Think what the odds are for the drawn numbers to be in consecutive order.
  • Looking for patterns

Not only will this take a lot of effort and days of playing but statistically it is moot. Every number has the same odds of being drawn as any other number. Looking to exploit Random Number Generator software is a futile activity as online casino software is regularly audited to ensure true randomness.
  • Playing numbers that have not hit recently

This ties in with the previous tip. Many people will pick numbers that have not come up regularly because it is their “turn” now. As I said, all numbers have the exact same odds of being selected. Keno is a game that’s loads of fun, and it can be hugely rewarding if you’re lucky. Although there’s no skill or strategy to it, it’s a great option for playing online, and at Ruby Fortune you can even play it on your mobile!
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