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The Secrets Behind Casino Design

The Secrets Behind Casino Design Brick and mortar casinos are, as if there was ever any doubt, designed in a very specific way. When you step into a casino, you are stepping into a world that has taken professionals many years to create, which means you can bet that nothing that occurs is by chance. Have you ever noticed how it is easy to get into a casino, and how difficult it is to find your way out? This is by design. The hope is you will get lost inside, thus spending more time around the tempting jungles and jangles of casino games. Have you also noticed that many casinos do not have windows, and the ceiling is even painted to appear as a sky in some cases? This is because the casino would prefer you are not aware of how much time you have spent in its interior. After all, it won’t do to have players realise how many hours they have been there, and want to start heading home. But are similar techniques used at online casinos? And if so, are these techniques successful? Let’s have a look.

Online Design Choices

As with brick and mortar casinos, online casinos have been designed to keep players active for as long as possible. And, as with real world casinos, many professionals have designed the digital world over many years, perfecting it. There is a phenomenon that some like to refer to as the just one more game syndrome which refers to the thought process a person tends to have when participating in an addictive activity. Just one more game, the person thinks, then I will go to bed. Of course, when the person does finally go to bed, it will often be hours after they intended to do so. What are the various elements that make up this scenario, and can it actively be encouraged? The answer is, of course, yes. One will first notice that online casinos are designed to be calm, inviting places. The colour schemes used are relaxing and easy on the eye, and many online casinos even use enchanting music to keep a player focused on the game. Used in conjunction with this relaxing design is a common technique used in many online casinos, which makes it seem as if the next big reward is just around the corner. Various games promise bonus money for a task being completed, or milestone reached, such as taking a hundred spins on a slots game. The player actively aims for this milestone, feeling as if they are gaining ground. Upon the milestone being reached, however, another is revealed, also seemingly just within reach.

You’re a Winner

Another technique used in brick and mortar casinos is making it seem as if winning is a common occurrence. The great big buckets on slot games, the ones that catch cascading coins, are enormous and metallic by design. Even if just a few coins fall into these buckets they make an audible clattering noise, which can be heard at a distance. When many of these machines are put together in a hall, the clattering is almost overwhelming. This, of course, gives the impression that money is virtually pouring out of the casino, and that players better get in on the action quick and catch some of it. A similar technique is used in online casino games, only in a slightly different form. Each win in a casino game is announced with fanfare. Lights flash, special effects dazzle, and a catchy theme tune is often played. The fact that the player believes they have achieved something incredible is what’s important and this fanfare that accompanies winning helps us feel celebrated.

Just Having Fun

The bottom line of casino designs, both in brick and mortar establishments and online, is that the designers want players to be having as much fun as possible. And who can deny that fun can be found in spades with casino games, be you playing at the local casino or sitting at home playing on your desktop! Casino games are a great way to find entertainment, experience a bit of excitement, and maybe even win big! The amazingly advanced levels that online casino games are reaching can even be appreciated as an art form, given how much effort goes into the creation of the good ones. Some modern slots games are virtually bursting at the seams with stunning artwork and powerful music, and this is something everyone can appreciate. Developers have designed these games to be appealing, just as they have designed online casinos to provide a premium gaming experience to all. Navigation, a casinos interface and general layout also have an effect on player’s experiences, and designers endeavour to ensure that they create the best possible spaces that are user-friendly and appealing. There’s certainty a science to casino design and it’s one that’s been refined to ensure that you get the most out of every game played.

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