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The Rise Of Mobile Gaming

Mobile gaming has always been a popular phenomenon since Nintendo released the Game Boy handheld console. People love having something to distract or entertain them that is portable. This trend is what helped fuel the mobile gaming boom, but also the fact that now you can win real money with mobile casino gaming.

Tablet Gaming

The mobile gaming industry received a boost when tablets were first released. They offered more power and a larger screen area than the earliest mobile phones, which meant they were a better platform for mobile casino games. Tablets were essentially much more portable laptops which allowed developers more creative freedom when they were designing casino games.

Smartphone Gaming

Tablet devices had one major shortfall in the mobile market. They could not be used as phones. The Smartphone releases of the time soon caught up and surpassed tablets. They also made a compromise between having a very portable device but at the same time a device that has a sizable screen so that you can see your casino games more clearly.

Public Adoption Of Smartphones

Today Smartphones have integrated many different elements of our day-to-day lives into one device. Social media and apps have become indispensable in our daily lives and now that integration has extended to real money mobile gaming,

Mobile Gaming Industry

Mobile gaming has made real money casino games easily accessible to a wide range of players. The convenience and functionality mobile devices have added to our daily lives and has now been extended to the casino industry. With free to play games, safe real money betting and regular updates, the growth of the mobile casino industry is assured.

Future Developments

Developers have really pounced on the chance to create games for Smartphones and mobile devices.  Since a Smartphone is a handheld PC with a unique operating system and peripherals, there is so much room for expansion and adaptations into a world not yet explored by the mobile gaming industry. A perfect example is last year’s game, Pokémon GO. The game integrated GPS mapping, the Smartphone’s camera and augmented reality technology to create a gaming phenomenon. This is only the tip of the iceberg with mobile gaming. New uses for current technologies and the near yearly releases of new phone hardware ensure that the casino gaming industry will remain fresh and exciting for a long time yet.
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