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Retro Tech’s Influence on Slot Machines

Retro Tech’s Influence on Slot MachinesThe 80s revival of a few years ago is nothing compared to the resurgence of retro tech happening in so many places around the world. From analogue film cameras to Walkmans, and from old-school Atari consoles to Gameboys, retro tech is popping up everywhere. Its influence is not limited to the brisk trade done by collectors markets and online trading platforms, either. Technology from the 70s, 80s, and 90s is also influencing designers, developers, and others involved in technological and creative industries. One area in which retro tech is making its presence felt as a design or functionality influence is online slot machines. More and more casino games have been influenced by older games, and players are loving every minute of it.

The Appeal of Retro Tech

Before we take a look at the influence of retro tech on slots, we should first consider why old-fashioned technology still holds such appeal for so many players. The vintage technology that appeals to each generation, generally speaking, is nothing more than the technology they knew as children. Those who were children in the 70s and 80s may find themselves longing for classic arcade games with joysticks, or for vinyl long-playing records and a turntable. Those who were children in the 90s may prefer a handheld Nintendo Gameboy console they can play on the move while they listen to an Ace of Base or 2Unlimited CD on their Sony Walkman. It was through such technology that many of today’s players first began interacting with technology. Of course, the pressure of keeping up with the neighbours meant following tech trends, and with every new release, a piece of what is now considered retro tech was laid aside because, at least for a while, it was no longer cool. There comes a time, however, when nostalgia and the hankering for what we knew before we stopped thinking it was cool seems to obliterate the concept that only the latest stuff is the greatest stuff.

Retro Tech and Classic Slots

The influence of retro tech on slot machines is perhaps most obvious in classic slots. True enough, they have always been around. They are, however, getting better. Much better. Just in case you are wondering, classic slots are games that usually feature 3 reels and 1 or a few paylines. The symbols on the reels are often based on the very same type of symbols that you would see on coin-operated machines. Thanks to cutting-edge design, animation, and audio technology, software developers are able to create classic slots that capture the look and feel of old-school fruit machines, but without all the weird and wonderful glitches that come with earlier, more unrefined technology and software.

Retro Tech and Video Slots

Most of the retro tech influence on video online slots is rooted in the arcade and video games, and in the popular culture of the 80s and 90s. This approach has led to the development of some very different slots. Some slots are based on simple yet iconic arcade games such as Pac-Man. The graphics are kept basic, the sound effects are typical of the era, and bonus games may even be modelled on the gameplay of those classic arcade and video games. Other slots may have a more modern approach to graphics and gameplay, but keep retro tech and the popular culture that birthed so much of it at the core. This is often done through licensed imagery and music, such as you would find in a slot based on a legendary 80s rock band. As long as retro tech keeps inspiring great slots, we are happy.

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